RSA Security Announces RSA Keon Web Server SSL Solution to Help Protect the Privacy of Transmitted Data

New solution helps provide organizations with a cost-effective method for addressing Web authentication and online trust requirements compared to service-based models

BEDFORD, Mass., June 19, 2002 — RSA Security Inc. (NASDAQ: RSAS), the most trusted name in e-security®, today announced the RSA Keon® Web Server SSL solution designed to help organizations establish and conduct trusted e-business transactions with their customers and partners. The RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution is designed to establish trust that is recognized by major Web browsers and servers and other related digital certificate enabled applications. The RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution allows customers to control their trust and manage their own SSL digital certificates while cutting costs.

The RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution offers an alternative to third-party SSL certificate service providers. Unlike other Trust Authorities who offer service-based solutions to issue Web server certificates, the RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution is designed to be an easy-to-deploy option for organizations wishing to secure their e-business processes and manage their online trust relationships, for a minimized cost.

Web server authentication is an essential element of any organization’s trusted e-business process, by reliably authenticating Web servers to visiting browsers. Trusted certificates are routinely used by Web browsers and Web servers to validate the issuer of a particular digital certificate. In an open environment, they address not only a security function but also an important ease-of-use requirement, as they provide the means to complete the certificate validation process in a way that is transparent to the end-user. By using this solution, customers’ Web server certificates generated and issued by their RSA Keon Certificate Authority (CA) software are designed to be automatically validated – and therefore trusted – by popular Web browsers, e-mail packages and other applications that leverage the recognized issuer lists of these Web browsers.

The RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution is designed to:

Provide a cost effective method for enabling online trust between the enterprise and its network of customers, suppliers and business partners

Enable enterprises to issue and manage their own universally recognized and trusted SSL certificates

Ensure ease-of-use and accelerated deployment of online trust in-step with an organization’s e-business needs

Reduce help desk calls from end-users related to “untrusted” certificates

Create a trusted foundation that can be leveraged for expanding secure e-business processes including secure e-mail, digital signatures and digital certificate-based authentication “Digital certificate management continues to play an important role in the security infrastructure, both as a scaleable method for the authentication of users, services and applications, and as a key enabler of integrity for digital information on enterprise networks,” said John Worrall vice president of marketing at RSA Security. “RSA Security provides one of the most compelling sets of options for organizations to choose from when selecting their digital certificate management strategy. The RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution is designed to be cost-effective, easy-to-deploy and it delivers the level of trust enterprises demand for their e-business initiatives.”

Pricing and Availability
The RSA Keon Web Server SSL solution is available immediately to RSA Keon CA software customers. For more information about the service or the RSA Keon product line, please visit or call 1-877-RSA-4900.

About RSA Security Inc.
RSA Security Inc., the most trusted name in e-security, helps organizations build trusted e-business processes through its RSA SecurID® two-factor authentication, RSA ClearTrust® Web access management, RSA BSAFE encryption and RSA Keon® digital certificate management product families. With approximately one billion RSA BSAFE-enabled applications in use worldwide, more than 12 million RSA SecurID authentication users and almost 20 years of industry experience, RSA Security has the proven leadership and innovative technology to address the changing security needs of e-business and bring trust to the online economy. RSA Security can be reached at

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