eEye Digital Security Offers Free Vulnerability Scanning Utility to Combat Bug in Apache Web Servers

Freeware utility will detect the High Risk vulnerability in Apache HTTP Servers that could affect over 60% of web servers worldwide

(Aliso Viejo, CA) – eEye Digital Security has announced a freeware utility that allows administrators to quickly scan their networks for any systems vulnerable to the recent “Chunked Encoding” exposure found in default versions of Apache HTTP Server. The freeware tool may be downloaded directly from the eEye website at:

An exploit for this vulnerability has been developed and the risk to servers worldwide could be substantial. To prevent unnecessary damage to networks, IT administrators are urged to identify vulnerable systems and correct the issue immediately via instructions provided on the eEye website.

“eEye is dedicated to helping the IT community stay secure. This free tool will allow administrators to scan systems for any vulnerable Apache web servers that need to be patched and guide them through fixing the problem immediately,” stated Marc Maiffret, Chief Hacking Officer of eEye Digital Security. “We developed this free utility in the past few days and based the technology off of our popular commercial scanner, Retina®.” Customers that need to scan larger networks, a broader-range of systems, and comprehensively detect vulnerabilities beyond the Apache chunked encoding issue can use Retina Network Security Scanner.

About eEye Digital Security
eEye Digital Security is a leading developer of high-end network security products and an active contributor to network security research and education. eEye offers a variety of network security products targeted at IT administrators and consultants alike. eEye products are focused on “proactive” security. These products work in conjunction with popular tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems to deliver comprehensive assurance. eEye provides global coverage to its clients through partners and its offices in the US, Switzerland, UK, France and Spain. eEye products protect the networks and digital assets of over one thousand corporate and government entities in over forty countries. The eEye products include Retina®, Network Security Scanner, SecureIISâ„?, Application Firewall, and Irisâ„?, Network Traffic Analyzer.

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