Veridicom Announces Standalone Fingerprint Authentication Module

Substantially Reduces Integration Complexity and Increases Security for a Wider Variety of Fingerprint Authentication Solutions

Sunnyvale, CA (June 17, 2002)Â?Veridicom, the recognized leader in silicon fingerprint sensors and software, today announced the availability of a new standalone fingerprint authentication module and a development kit for embedded applications. Matchboardâ„? allows systems integrators and OEMs to easily embed Veridicom fingerprint sensor capabilities into applications such as physical access, time and attendance, automotive, and high security trusted peripherals.

The Matchboard enables both fingerprint enrollment and authentication to take place on a single module, the size of a credit card. This eliminates the need for an external processor for fingerprint matching, increasing security and simplifying integration. Capable of storing 7,000 fingerprint templates, Matchboard includes the latest Veridicom fingerprint sensor chip (FPS200) and an NEC embedded controller running at 180 MHz. Built-in flash memory and SDRAM contain Veridicom’s industry-leading fingerprint extraction and matching algorithms. The embedded development kit allows users to develop authentication applications using MULTI, supplied by Green Hills Software.

“We have had a significant demand for an embedded product from customers,” said Naeem Zafar, President & CEO of Veridicom, “This reduces their development time and provides a robust authentication solution in a very compact and powerful format. Our focus is now to differentiate ourselves as the provider of high-value, more integrated fingerprint authentication solutions.”

The Matchboard embedded development kit is available now and is priced at $2,799. Each Matchboard module has a list price of $279. The products can be ordered by contacting Veridicom or any of its worldwide sales representatives listed on its website at

About Veridicom
Veridicom, Inc. provides leading digital recognition solutions for personal authentication through fingerprint biometrics. Veridicom, with technology from Lucent/Bell Labs, is an early innovator of secure biometric systems that go beyond the security of passwords and PINs. Veridicom products allow people to conduct business using any digital device equipped with its sophisticated fingerprint sensors and software to conduct business remotely with significantly reduced risk of fraud. Currently used in laptops, keyboards, mobile phones, Veridicom also provides solutions to control employee access to remote computer networks and high-security facilities for a growing list of Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Additional information is available at

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