V-ONE Announces High Performance VPN Solution for VSAT & Satellite Data Networks

Application Layer VPN Technology Overcomes IPSec Performance Problems

GERMANTOWN, Md., Jun 24, 2002 (BUSINESS WIRE) — V-ONE Corporation (Nasdaq:VONE), a leader in Internet based network security, today announced plans to offer advanced Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions to users and resellers of satellite IP data communication services through its SmartSat(TM) program.

SmartSat enables organizations to realize the benefits of satellite communication while overcoming long-standing VPN performance problems associated with satellite circuits.

The SmartSat program is built upon SmartGate(R), V-ONE’s innovative VPN software. Operating at the application layer, SmartGate circumvents performance problems experienced by IPSec and other network layer VPN protocols when subjected to satellite circuit propagation delay.

SmartGate overcomes latency from each 22,300 mile space segment by taking advantage of techniques to improve performance such as protocol spoofing and caching–something IPSec solutions cannot realize since remote site acknowledgement of encrypted data packets is mandated by the IPSec protocol design.

“With SmartSat, V-ONE extends our wireless capabilities to include satellite communication,” said Margaret Grayson, President & CEO of V-ONE Corporation. “By capitalizing on optimization techniques to compensate for satellite propagation delays, benchmark results have shown as much as a 5:1 improvement in throughput over IPSec solutions.”

Recognized as one of the easiest VPNs available today to deploy and use, SmartGate allows secure access to TCP/IP based applications by providing a framework for mutual authentication, data encryption, granular access control to specific information, audit logging, and on-line registration.

Advanced technology allows users to avoid network address translation (NAT) issues and easily traverse multiple firewalls. SmartGate meets U.S. Government standards in both wired and wireless configurations and is FIPS validated.

About V-ONE Corporation

Providing enterprise-level network security protection since 1993, V-ONE Corporation’s flagship product is SmartGate, a client/server Virtual Private Network technology. Fortune 1000 corporations, healthcare organizations and sensitive government agencies worldwide use SmartGate for their integrated authentication, encryption and access control.

With its patented client deployment and management capabilities, SmartGate is a compelling solution for remote access intranets and secure extranets for electronic business between trading partners, for both conventional and wireless networks.

Product and network security information, white papers and company news may be accessed at www.v-one.com.

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