iPass and InfoExpress Announce Technology Alliance

Pioneer in remote security teams up with leading secure mobile access provider to combine security with access solutions

Mountain View, CA – July 22, 2002 – In the most recent of a series of key strategic alliances, remote security pioneer InfoExpress today announced a technology partnership with iPass Inc. The agreement calls for interoperability between iPass’ secure mobile solutions and InfoExpress’ centrally managed personal firewall CyberArmor Suite, remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite, and its remote VPN/extranet solution VTCP/Secure. These solutions are available for demonstration with iPass Corporate Remote Access at the iPass’ Solutions Lab located in Redwood Shores, Calif.

“iPass clearly understands that security and access for remote users are inseparable for the enterprise,” said Stacey Lum, president and CEO of InfoExpress. “The InfoExpress and iPass partnership we announce today positions both companies to capitalize on a tremendous market opportunity in providing integrated solutions to a large and growing market that depends on secure access to corporate networks.”

The partnership is intended to serve increasing customer demand for integration between connectivity and security products, for enterprise companies with large mobile user workforces which rely heavily on the need to access information on the corporate LAN while off campus. InfoExpress and iPass have worked to create an interoperable environment based on mutual customer needs in mobile access security features, and developed solutions and strategies for providing integrated functionality.

“With our complementary products and services, InfoExpress and iPass now have an enhanced ability to serve both companies’ large enterprise customers,” said Anurag Lal, Vice President of Business Development at iPass. “iPass has collaborated with InfoExpress to equip customers with reliable, integrated secure mobile access platforms. Our two companies will continue to work to ensure that our offerings provide clients with a safe and efficient networking environment.”

According to Jeff Geltz, VP & CIO of eLoyalty Corporation, the iPass/InfoExpress integration has proven to be a user-friendly and cost-effective tool for their remote access needs. With most of their workforce working outside company office locations, remote connectivity is key to their productivity. “The combination of iPass’ global network of narrowband and broadband connectivity as well as the flexibility and speed of the InfoExpress solution has made the task of staying connected less arduous for our field-based consultants, and saved us money in the process.”

InfoExpress’ CyberArmor Suite is an enterprise-level personal firewall suite designed to enforce centralized, policy-based security for remote user communications to a corporate network. CyberArmor focuses on “Intrusion Prevention” by pro-actively detecting, analyzing and securing VPN communications.

InfoExpress’ CyberGatekeeper Suite is a remote system policy enforcer. It proactively audits and enforces the remote system configuration prior to granting access to the corporate network via dial up, VPN, extranet, and wireless. Third party support is provided for VPNs, personal firewalls, files, and anti-virus applications.

InfoExpress’ remote VPN solution provides remote connectivity for employees, consultants, business partners. It can transparently traverse corporate firewalls, network address translation (NAT) devices, proxy servers, and Internet service providers (ISPs) that block IPSec traffic. The integrated solution with iPass provides a “Logon to NT option” during the install script which installs the Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA).

About InfoExpress
InfoExpress is a leader in securing the last mile. InfoExpress develops and markets the enterprise personal firewall CyberArmor(tm) Suite, the remote system policy enforcer CyberGatekeeper Suite, and the remote access VPN VTCP/Secure. Recent news releases and other information are on InfoExpress’ homepage at www.infoexpress.com. InfoExpress is headquartered at 170 S. Whisman Road, Suite B, Mountain View, CA 94041. Phone: +1 650-623-0260; Fax: +1 650-623-0268; Email: info@infoexpress.com.

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