Network-1 Unveils Enhanced Enterprise Desktop Firewall Product To Thwart Intrusions Through Remote Clients

CyberwallPLUS 7.3 Simplifies Centralized Policy Administration And Event Management for Large-Scale Remote Access Security Deployments

WALTHAM, Mass., Jul 22, 2002 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ — Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: NSSI; Boston Stock Exchange: NWT), a distributed firewall technology leader, today launched the newest version of its CyberwallPLUS suite, addressing enterprise customers’ remote access client security needs. With CyberwallPLUS 7.3 software, IT administrators can centrally administer and control remote access security more easily for their increasingly mobile workforce, enabling remote and mobile worker productivity and preventing corporate network intrusions. With more and more employees working remotely or in branch offices, and in many instances connecting to the Internet over “always on” broadband, security risks to the corporate network are greater than ever. IT organizations need to balance workers’ need to access corporate applications and data when they are away from the office with the company’s need to protect itself from both external and internal hacker attacks. And while Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide a trusted tunnel to the corporate network, they only secure the connection, not the remote access point such as the laptop or desktop. Unprotected, these machines can become launch pads for hacker attacks that could cost businesses billions of dollars in downtime, loss or damage to confidential data, or damage to a company’s reputation.

Brian Donohue of the University of Washington Medical Centers applauded the latest release in saying, “In open university environments such as ours, each host system needs a self-defense mechanism like the CyberwallPLUS offering. The new capabilities for centrally managing policies are a major improvement on what is available in the market today. This enhanced solution is well suited to our widely distributed, multi-site network.”

Corey Smith of software publisher Optika, Inc. commented on this latest release, “Antivirus vendors have not kept pace with malicious code mutations. As a public company with a substantial Internet presence, it became necessary for Optika to take a proactive stance on information security. CyberwallPLUS is a true enterprise-grade solution, and by deploying it on remote access clients, we’ve been able to create stricter policies for users connecting outside the corporate LAN.”

“Securing remote access points to the corporate network has become a business-critical imperative for today’s corporations,” said Jon Greene, Network-1’s senior vice president of business development and marketing. “Networking and security administrators are challenged to eliminate network vulnerabilities, without impeding the productivity of remote and mobile workers or increasing client support costs. Network-1 developed its industrial-strength firewall technology to protect all access points to the corporate network, while providing administrators with powerful management features and greater control to enforce important security policies.”

CyberwallPLUS 7.3

CyberwallPLUS surpasses personal firewalls by integrating proven, industrial-strength firewall and intrusion prevention functionality into one product for Windows-based systems. By combining a stealth packet filter, full stateful inspection, and an integrated intrusion prevention engine, Network-1 provides multiple levels of defense to detect and prevent hacker attacks.

Unlike intrusion detection systems, CyberwallPLUS inspects network communications and actively detects and blocks attacks in real-time. The product blocks attacks that attempt to take advantage of operating system vulnerabilities, such as port scans looking for open services, distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and URL attacks that try to run executable files on open, unprotected machines. And if a user’s machine inadvertently executed malicious code such as a Trojan, CyberwallPLUS also filters all outgoing traffic to protect a laptop from being used as a launch pad for attacks on other computers.

Enhancements to CyberwallPLUS 7.3 include:

* Graphical drag-and-drop policy management — allows for simple policy creation and publishing through drag-and-drop interface for network administrators to easily define user groups, create a common policy, test the policy and then publish it;

* Automatic policy update — ensures that policies are distributed as users join the network, giving network administrators the ultimate control and the ability to push important security updates to thousands of remote users. This reduces the likelihood of having incorrect or out-of-date policies in place and eliminates the need for end user involvement;

* Simplified event management — provides greater flexibility to integrate into existing event monitoring infrastructure, provided by log collection and processing in the Central Manager;

* Transparent to end users — unobtrusively protects end user systems while passing critical security data to the Central Manager for analysis and reporting. It automatically synchronizes policies administered at the Central Manager with remote clients with no end user involvement or distraction; and

* Supports remote and mobile user environment — protects all network connections, including to the corporate LAN, over a VPN or through an ISP, supports dynamically assigned address (DHCP) environments, protects any interface on a machine, including all Ethernet network interface cards (NICs), dial-up adapters, wireless LAN cards, and virtual NICs.

About CyberwallPLUS
The CyberwallPLUS family of security software products represents the latest generation of Network-1’s host-based security solution. The CyberwallPLUS suite includes easy-to-use, out-of-the-box applications that extend the security strategy of organizations. These applications include CyberwallPLUS Workstation Edition, CyberwallPLUS Server Edition, and CyberwallPLUS Central Manager.

Pricing and Availability

CyberwallPLUS 7.3 is available now. CyberwallPLUS Workstation Edition is priced at $43/seat for 1,000 seat deployments. CyberwallPLUS Server Edition is $1,295 per server and CyberwallPLUS Central Manager is $895.

About Network-1 Security Solutions, Inc.

Network-1 (Nasdaq: NSSI), a pioneer in firewall technology, provides an enterprise-class layer of protection directly on all potential attack points, including Windows-based servers, remote and mobile PCs, desktops within the network perimeter, and wireless devices, to actively detect and block intrusions. Network-1 has deployed its industrial-strength, award-winning CyberwallPLUS solution at over 500 commercial, government and higher education enterprises, including Capital One, Fuji Bank, Lockheed Martin, 3M, US Department of Energy, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, National Institute of Health, University of Washington Medical Centers, and Georgia State University, to protect corporate networks from intrusions. Founded in 1990, Network-1 is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts and has operations in Asia and Europe. For more information visit our Web site at or call 800-NETWRK1 or 781-522-3400.

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