Authenex Announces Aggressive Promotional Pricing For Enterprise Two-Factor Authentication Systems

Packages for 25, 50 and 100 users offer affordable, secure solutions for remote access, VPN and Web-based authentication for 85% less than the industry leader

OAKLAND, Calif., August 5, 2002 – Authenex, a leading developer of two-factor authentication and encryption applications, today announced an aggressive promotional pricing plan that allows small and mid-size enterprises to quickly deploy easy-to-use two-factor authentication for remote access, VPNs and Web-based applications. The pricing plan, which offers complete systems at up to 85% less than the industry leader, is available through Sept. 30, 2002.

IT experts agree that requiring only a user ID and password for network access leaves systems vulnerable to intruders because users tend to either choose simple passwords that are easy to crack, or post them within easy reach of the computer. Authenex has created a highly secure yet cost-effective two-factor authentication solution that features a key-sized USB token called an A-Key(tm) which users must use in addition to their password, ensuring that intruders are denied access even if the password is compromised.

“Until now, the complexity and cost of network security systems meant that only the largest enterprises could afford to deploy and maintain them,” said Authenex Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Rowland. “For the first time, small and mid-size companies have a choice for affordable, strong network security and two-factor authentication.”

The Authenex promotional package includes a complete two-factor authentication system, including: the Authenex A-Key USB tokens, the A-Guard Server(tm) and one year of customer support and maintenance.

Promotional Authenex Traditional Token
No. of users Price List Price List Price
25 users $ 999 $3,076 $ 6,452
50 users $1,999 $4,950 $10,874
100 users $2,999 $8,283 $18,398

“These packages are specifically designed to meet the needs of small and mid-size businesses,” Rowland said. “They are very cost effective, easy to roll out and easy to manage – both for the IT manager and the employee.”

The Authenex solution integrates easily with a company’s existing security systems. The A-Guard Server can be installed and configured in less than an hour and the entire system, including employee training, can be implemented in less than a day – setting a new standard for security, affordability and ease of use.

About Authenex
Authenex offers the most secure, flexible and affordable two-factor authentication system available today. Flexible enough to support remote VPN, Web-based and event-based authentication needs, the Authenex Strong Authentication System (ASAS) ensures a user’s identity before allowing access to sensitive data, network resources or Internet transactions. Authenex also offers EDSKI (Exchange Dynamic Symmetric Key Infrastructure), a new encryption model that combines encryption with secure file transfer using a hardware authentication token to enable an extraordinarily strong encryption solution. Together, ASAS and EDSKI provide organizations with a powerful technology platform dedicated to ensuring a trusted environment for sensitive information exchange. Authenex’ technology partners include Microsoft, Check Point, VeriSign, and Netegrity. For more information, call 510-568-6558 or visit Authenex on the Web at

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