Cobion AG introduces Company Internet Usage Analysis

Individual Evaluation Reporting Service offering to give organizations a tool to know about the usage of the internet in their company

Kassel, Germany, 26th Juliy 2002 – Cobion AG, leading firm in Content Security Software launched today their Internet Usage Analysis, a service for companies and organizations to check the usage of the Iinternet. With this service companies get to knowdiscover how much their employees surf on non work related websites. The report contains a statistical evaluation of the surfing behaviour and provides organizations with the internet access management tools they need to establish. Customers get their individual evaluation report at a price of 470 Euro within ten working days.

Companies only have need to upload a server logfile, up to ten MB maximum, onover the Ccobion website. The server logfile contains all access data to a website in protocol form. If a logfile is sentd to Cobion, all URLs are subjected to the automatic categorization process.

That means all URLs contained in the logfile will be compared with the Cobion filter database and will be categorized into one or several out of 58 categories. The results then are then compiled into the a statistical report. Protection of private data under legal aspects is taken into account. A person-related evaluation of the logfile is not possible. The Cobion database provides the world’s largest URL filtering database of unwanted Internet content which contains more thean 13 million URLs, a multiple of other filter lists. The filter list is automatically updated daily.

Besides the statistical evaluation the report contains incitements on how to create an Internet Usage Policy. The report gives organizations helpful suggestions as to what is needed to plan, implement and enforce policies for appropriate business usage of an organization’s e-mail, Internet and network resources.

Olaf Jacobi, Chief Sales Officer at of Cobion AG: “Everybody talks about Internet Access Management. With the Internet Usage Analysis, organizations now get the benefit of learning how their employees really use the Iinternet. Our service helps to create Internet Usage Policies that can then be implemented with Cobions industry-leading OrangeBox Web software. With OrangeBox Web policies are enforced and managed across the whole organization uniformly with minimal management. After using the Internet Usage aAnalysis establishing and implementing policies with software has been simplified.”

About Cobion AG
Cobion is the leading global developer of content security solutions on the Internet. The company’s advanced technology applications include deep image searches for visual content on the Web, including symbols, signs, faces, or words within images. Cobion’s Ccontent Ssecurity Pproducts protect corporate assets, reduce risk of illegal and unwanted content within a corporation, help to increase productivity and make your business more efficient.

Cobion OrangeBox Web provides policy-based Internet Aaccess Ccontrol and Internet content filtering to protect organizations, reduce risks and to increase employees’ productivity. Cobion OrangeBox Mail offers policy-based e-mail filtering and management to control all ingoing and outgoing e-mail content. It increases security, protects valuable corporate assets and limits legal liability. Specific applications include Cobion’s industry leading Brand Protection Service, fine-grain filtering services, trademark searches, copyright enforcement, protection of licensed media properties and packaged entertainment products.

Cobion is headquartered in Kassel, Germany, with a North American office in San Francisco, California.

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