Trend Micro Spearheads Launch of Antivirus Software for Linux Users Running Lotus Domino

Trend Micro’s ScanMail(tm) for Lotus Notes Linux, for users running Lotus Domino, addresses the 87% of virus attacks that enter corporate networks through e-mail1

San Francisco, CA – August 12, 2002. Trend Micro (Nasdaq: TMIC; TSE: 4704), a leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services, announces the launch of Trend Micro’s ScanMail(tm) for Lotus Notes, providing proactive and scalable antivirus security protection for customers running IBM’s Lotus Domino. ScanMail is also available for Windows NT/2000, Solaris, AIX, OS/400 and OS/390.

Linux users of Lotus Domino, the popular email and groupware system, require a tailored antivirus software solution to provide an effective capability to prevent viruses from entering, leaving and spreading through email attachments routinely shared through internal databases and customers and partners outside the organization. Trend Micro has collaborated closely with IBM in developing this release of ScanMail to run on Lotus Domino for Linux.

David Valentine, EMEA Director of Linux Marketing, IBM said, “IBM is committed to the needs of Lotus Domino customers running IBM servers and their AV requirements. Today’s announcement from Trend Micro means that enterprise customers can be confident that the close collaboration between our two organizations has resulted in added protection for email and groupware systems operating on the Linux platform. Trend Micro has been developing antivirus and content security solutions for the Linux environment since 1999 and has a proven track record of providing for Lotus Domino on iSeries, zSeries and pSeries since 1996. We have confidence in their credibility as a security provider and their ability to deliver innovative, full-featured antivirus products and services.”

ScanMail for Linux provides fast and advanced scanning technology that utilizes a multi-threaded memory scanning architecture, which enables faster performance and greater scalability across the enterprise with minimal overhead on the Domino server. Features and benefits include:

* ScanMail for Linux outbreak capabilities like File Name and File Type Blocking help administrators to enforce company email policies, increase overall server efficiency and minimize virus outbreaks by blocking certain file types from being sent through Lotus Domino Servers. File Name blocking allows administrators to proactively block known malicious files from propagating throughout the network.
* ScanMail Email and Bandwidth management allows administrators to manage their email policy and bandwidth by setting up email filter rules. These rules can be used to block, delay, prioritize, and notify users. Multiple rules can be set with individual notification messages.
* ScanMail Advanced Statistical Reporting delivers a series of “Top Ten” charts that help administrators to identify virus infections throughout the enterprise environment. They can then quickly decide which viruses are most prevalent and what solution they need to deploy to address the threats.

ScanMail is integrated with the Lotus Domino R5 administrative console and fully supports any web browser making it possible for the administrator to control ScanMail tasks from virtually anywhere around the world.

“We are very pleased with the new version of Trend Micro’s ScanMail designed for the Linux Operating System,” said Gert-Jan Kalberg of AedifiComm, a company providing IT consultancy and software solutions to organizations worldwide. “It provides all the features and capabilities we need to combat viruses. It is very fast, scalable and designed to address the needs of the Linux communities. We recommend ScanMail to our customers and anyone else running Linux on their environment.”

According to David Rowe, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing at Trend Micro, “This is an important step in a collaborative relationship with IBM to create a scalable enterprise antivirus solution to protect Lotus Domino users in every operating environment. Trend Micro is committed to serving the needs of the rapidly growing Domino user base. This release also enables us to bring the Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy to the Linux environment from the gateway to the file server and we are entering the beta period for the Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy in an all Linux environment.”

ScanMail for Linux is an integral part of the Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy. The most effective defense against malicious code requires securing multiple network entry points against potential hostile attacks uniquely targeted to those locations. Trend Micro Enterprise Protection Strategy provides businesses with a flexible architecture for an unprecedented approach to proactive outbreak management. For more information please visit:

ScanMail for Linux will be available in the US, Asia, Latin America, and APAC beginning August 25, 2002, and in Europe and Japan beginning the 3rd week of September 2002.

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