Identix Fingerprint Technology Adopted by Several Major Healthcare

Institution As HIPAA Deadline Approaches, More Hospitals and Clinics Move To Comply With Privacy Requirements

MINNETONKA, Minn., Sept. 9 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq: IDNX), the world’s leading multi-biometric security technology company, announced today new and expanded deployments of its fingerprint biometric technology offerings at several major healthcare facilities — Children’s Hospital of Columbus, Ohio; William J. Backus Hospital of Norwich, Connecticut; and an unnamed major healthcare facility in Canada.The deployments covered physical as well as information security product offerings.

At the Children’s Hospital of Columbus, Ohio, more than 1000 seats of Identix’ BioLogon software and 75 BioTouch USB readers were integrated and deployed by Single Sign-On provider Eclipsys, to authenticate physicians who prescribe drugs online.Eclipsys’ product, Sunrise Clinical Manager’s Knowledge-Based Orders in conjunction with another product (Sunrise Critical Care) that Children’s Hospital has already deployed, are part of the hospital’s ongoing effort to provide the highest quality pediatric care and strong authentication tools that enable compliance with healthcare privacy laws.

The Identix fingerprint technology exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and we encountered virtually no resistance to the implementation. The technology is stable and provided an effective tool for meeting our authentication requirement, said Robert Schwyn, vice president of Information Services at Columbus Children’s Hospital.

At the Canadian healthcare facility, Identix collaborated with HASS Solutions, a recognized healthcare software vendor to provide authentication tools to over 250 emergency room employees.HASS Solutions’ clinically- focused Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) integrates Identix BioEngine fingerprint technology and is being used to improve the hospital’s patient tracking system so health care providers spend less time on the computer and more time with patients.This new implementation involves a 1000 template license and 26 fingerprint readers and keyboards.

The latest order from Backus Hospital, 675 seats for BioLogon and

155 BioTouch USB readers for the corresponding computer terminals, is an expansion of a previous installation announced by the Company earlier this year.In January of this year, Identix had announced the installation of its fingerprint technology offerings in what was expected to be a three-phase program to assist the hospital in securing multiple levels of security and access for patient records.The initial order was for the installation of Identix BioTouch USB fingerprint readers with a 200-seat license for Identix BioLogon software in patient care service stations within the hospital.

Dr. Joseph J. Atick, Identix President and CEO stated, The tragedy of September 11 revealed, among other things, the critical importance of authenticating the identity of individuals who have access to secure areas or sensitive information.And just as aviation, maritime, border, and law enforcement have begun to adopt biometrics solutions to create more secure environments, the health care sector’s compliance with HIPAA presents a similar security challenge that can be addressed through biometrics.As an industry leader, Identix is committed to maintaining our technology offerings a quantum leap of the competition and to working with leading integrators to ensure seamless integration for our growing customer base.

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), stipulates standards and procedures to protect patient medical information among patients and health care insurers and providers.In complying with these privacy regulations, health care providers have the option of deploying biometrics — among other technologies — to secure access to electronic medical records.Entities covered under the law have until April 14, 2003, to gain full compliance.

BioLogon is a leading fingerprint authentication software product that provides complete multi-factor user authentication.It integrates with major operating systems for central administration, configuration and maintenance of user account policies.BioLogon interfaces a variety of fingerprint scanners including the BioTouch USB, a full-size optical fingerprint scanner device and the BioTouch PC Card, a single Type II PC Card, with an integrated optical fingerprint scanner.

About Identix Incorporated

Identix Incorporated (Nasdaq: IDNX), recently merged with Visionics Corporation, is the world’s leading multi-biometric security technology company.The company’s broad range of fingerprint and facial recognition technology offerings empower the identification of individuals who wish to gain access to information or facilities, conduct transactions and obtain IDs. Additionally, the company’s products and solution offerings can help identify those who perpetrate fraud and otherwise pose a threat to public safety. Identix’ products serve a broad range of industries and market segments — most notably, government and law enforcement, aviation, financial, healthcare and corporate enterprise.In addition, the company’s wholly owned subsidiary, Identix Public Sector, Inc. provides project management and facilities engineering services to the government sector.

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