Panda Software reports on Inwi Trojan

Panda Software’s Virus Laboratory has reported a new Trojan called Inwi (Trj/Inwi). This malicious code is designed to steal information from the computers in which it is installed.

The most evident action of Inwi is that it inserts new entries in the Windows Registry. By inserting these entries Inwi changes the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser setting, including the Home page.

Inwi also makes changes in the system to ensure that it is run every time a file with an .EXE or .TXT extension is opened. This Trojan also creates several files in the computer, including copies of itself. All of these actions are aimed at stealing data from the computer in which it is installed, which it then sends to a certain e-mail address.

In order to avoid infection, Panda Software recommends that users update their antivirus solutions immediately. The multinational antivirus developer has already made the corresponding update for its antivirus available to users. This update, which detects and removes Inwi, can be downloaded from More technical details about Inwi in Panda Software’s Virus Encyclopedia.

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