Hurwitz Group Calls TruSecure “A Holistic Approach To Security”

White Paper Examines TruSecure’s Lifecycle Risk Management (LRM) Approach to Securing Information Assets

TruSecure Corporation, a leading security services provider, today announced the availability of a white paper published by Hurwitz Group that examines TruSecure’s risk-based approach, called Lifecycle Risk Management (LRM), for assuring the ongoing security of critical systems and information. The white paper is available on the TruSecure Web site at

“TruSecure has created a holistic approach to security that provides organizations with an integrated, multi-faceted program for identifying and reducing risk across the enterprise,” said Pete Lindstrom, director, Security Strategies at Hurwitz Group and author of the report. “The TruSecure approach brings a time-tested process online, in combination with leading security monitoring technologies, to provide for efficiencies of scale that result in a higher level of security for participating organizations.”

Hurwitz explores TruSecure’s three-phase approach to information security, including measuring risks to critical information assets; managing risks with a comprehensive security program; and monitoring risks and responding to threats. The paper notes that key features differentiate TruSecure’s security management program, including:

– Automated tools–TruSecure uses automated tools to gather information and further refine that information into the foundation for security activities.
– Significant knowledge base–TruSecure leverages its significant knowledge base to create a set of essential practices that identifies the appropriate security posture for a particular industry or market segment.
– TruSecure Certification–Once an organization complies with TruSecure’s recommended essential practices, TruSecure certifies the environment, providing validation of an effective security posture.
– Targeted alert system–TruSecure provides a targeted alert system so that information about vulnerabilities are passed along to customers.

“Highly regarded for its security market insight, Hurwitz Group understands the level of expertise and coordination needed to secure a global enterprise,” said Peter Horst, senior vice president, TruSecure Corporation. “Since 1989, TruSecure Corporation has set the standard for risk mitigation in an increasingly complex and interconnected business environment.”

About Hurwitz Group

Hurwitz Group, an analyst, research and consulting firm, is a recognized leader in identifying and articulating the business value of technology. Known for its real-world experience, consultative style, and pragmatic approach, Hurwitz Group provides strategic guidance to its clients by delivering analysis, market research, custom content and consulting services. Clients include Global 2000, software, services, systems and investment companies. Hurwitz Group is on the Web at About TruSecure Corporation TruSecure is a leading security services provider, offering the only fully integrated, enterprise risk management services on the market. TruSecure’s unique blend of proactive risk reduction with real-time security management, monitoring and response assures continuous security of critical business information assets. TruSecure certification has become a globally recognized symbol of commitment to effective information security in an interconnected economy. Additionally, TruSecure owns the independently operated ICSA Labs® and Information Security® magazine. Headquartered in Herndon, VA, TruSecure protects more than 700 sites worldwide, with operations in North America, Central America, Europe and Asia Pacific. For more information about TruSecure Corporation, visit

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