Protegrity And nCipher Announce New Database Security Software Intregrated With Fips 140 Validated Hardware

STAMFORD, CT AND WOBURN, MA – September 30, 2002–Protegrity, Inc. and nCipher plc (LSE:NCH) announce the launch of Protegrity’s Secure.Data F3â„? for Oracle Database – the first database security solution to combine “out-of-the-box” application transparent software with cryptographic hardware, providing enhanced key management capabilities. The integration of Protegrity’s Secure.Data software with nCipher’s nShieldâ„? Hardware Security Module (HSM) provides customers with a solution to help address stringent government, industry and internal auditing standards for protecting the privacy of sensitive database information against internal and external threats. Protegrity and nCipher also announce a joint marketing and strategic alliance partnership, including ongoing collaborative development of secure database encryption solutions.

Secure.Data F3 helps businesses and organizations comply with data access control, privacy and security requirements. These include several privacy regulations and industry guidelines that mandate controlling access to sensitive data, including:
· U.S. Gramm-Leach-Biley Act (GLBA) for financial institutions
· U.S. Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines
· EU 95/46/EC Directive on Data Privacy (Safe Harbor)
· VISA Cardholder Information Security Program
· MasterCard Site Data Protection Service
· American Express Merchant Data Security Standards

The Secure.Data F3 solution utilizes nCipher’s cryptographic hardware certified to the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140 Level 3 – the most widely recognized benchmark for cryptographic security best practices.

“Securing databases to meet best practice security standards has only recently become a priority for many organizations. The integration of nCipher’s hardware for key management and Protegrity’s Secure.Data software for database encryption provides a cost-effective approach to enhance database security,” says Peter Lindstrom, Director of Security Strategies at Hurwitz Group.

“We continue to experience increased demand for the enterprise-wide application of cryptography, with the database being a critical component, since this is where highly sensitive data typically resides,” says Richard Moulds, Vice President of Marketing at nCipher. “The pairing of Protegrity and nCipher for database security solutions is a strategic fit supporting the trend toward more unified key management policies across the enterprise.”

According to Scott C. Nevins, president and CEO of Protegrity: “Fortune 500 businesses, the health care sector, and government agencies still have a long way to go in proactive management of database security threats. The best protected organizations use security software for the highest level of data protection with a secure audit trail and deploy hardware modules for managing encryption keys. Database security requires a comprehensive set of highly scalable, manageable and secure products that protect against vulnerabilities to critical data while preserving software application integrity. Now that Protegrity is partnering with nCipher, customers can get the most sophisticated database protection solution available.”

The Secure.Data F3 is a patented database security solution designed for large organizations in the financial services, health care, insurance, government and e-Business sectors. Secure.Data automates encryption with a protected audit function that is based on separation of duties for sensitive data in selected database columns. The automated and enforced segregation of duties between DBA’s and security officers enables centralized management of encryption parameters.

The Secure.Data F3 solution enhances overall key management by protecting the master key inside the nShield HSM, allowing for the secure generation, storage, disposal, archival and recovery of the master key. This solution takes advantage of nCipher’s smart card based key management framework to securely deliver increased scalability..

Availability: Secure.Data F3 is available now for Oracle 8i database. Support for Oracle 9i and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is planned for later in Q4 2002, and support for IBM DB2 and Sybase is under development.

About nCipher
nCipher is redefining cryptographic security to protect points of risk across the enterprise-from network appliances to Web servers, to custom software applications and back-end databases. nCipher provides hardware and software solutions that enable organizations to implement best practice security by addressing the challenges of cryptographic key management and performance. Many of the world’s leading organizations – from Microsoft and Barclays Bank to PricewaterhouseCoopers and the U.S. Navy – rely on nCipher to deliver a sound e-security infrastructure. nCipher’s products are particularly well suited to organizations with high volumes of security-sensitive transactions, such as banking and financial institutions, government departments, e-retailers and online service providers.

nCipher is listed on the London Stock Exchange as a TechMARK 100 company (LSE:NCH) with offices in Cambridge, UK; Boston, New York, Paris, Hamburg and Tokyo. For more information on nCipher, visit

About Protegrity
Protegrity is a leader in database security software, delivering privacy and protection solutions for mission-critical data stored in databases. Its flagship product Secure.Data enables companies to comply with the strictest government and industry regulations on data privacy and security by preventing both unauthorized and unauditable access to sensitive data.

Protegrity provides database security to the largest and best known organizations in financial services, health care, government and e-business. Established in 1996, Protegrity is based in Stamford, Connecticut, with its Research and Development and European Regional Sales Office in Sweden.

For more information about Protegrity, please call (203) 326-7200, visit, e-mail; fax (203) 326-7250, or write to: Protegrity, Incorporated, 1177 Summer Street, Stamford, CT, 06905-5529, USA.

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