Gemplus digital signature solution awarded with certification

Gemplus is the world’s leading provider of solutions based on smart card technology. It has operations in 37 countries and a presence in every major marketplace.

Here at the RSA Conference 2002 in Paris, Gemplus announced that its digital signature product, GemSAFE eSigner 2.0, has received Identrus Compliance. This means that the product has been tested and successfully completed all requirements for certification under the Identrus Compliant program, and can not be included in any transaction security solution implemented by financial institution memnbers within the Identrus community.

If you’re wondering what Identrus Compliant means – it’s a program designed to help banks and financial institutions in the Identrus community to simplify the decision process when selecting products for their B2B initiative. Identrus has created a global standard for identity authentication and trust. This enables its members to conduct trusted e-commerce.

More about the software in question:

GemSAFE eSigner 2.0 is a client software solution that provides extended digital signing capabilities for all major web browsers. It enables trusted and non-repudiated transactions between corporations, customers, trading partners, governments and citizens.

GemSAFE eSigner is easy to activate. A web server sends the data to be signed embedded in a normal web page. The user fills out the document and sends it back via the browser. The eSigner is then automatically activated and the web page to be signed is displayed in a miniature browser window. The user then signs the document with a simple click. Data is transmitted securely from the eSigner to the web server for verification by the GemSAFE verification server. The signed transaction is finally displayed to the user as a time-stamped confirmation of both receipt and acceptance.

GemSAFE eSigner enables signature operations on a number of document types, such as TEXT, RTF, HTML, XML and Adobe.

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