IntelliSafe Vault Now Integrated with Rainbow Technologies’ CryptoSwift HSM and iKey USB Authentication Keys

The Integration Provides Powerful Security for Corporate-Critical Documents

Chesapeake, Virginia, October 9, 2002 – The IntelliSafe Vaultâ„?, an application that provides other applications the functionality to digitally sign and securely store legally binding documents, from IntelliSafe Technologies, is now integrated with Rainbow Technologies’ FIPS-certified CryptoSwift HSM hardware security module and iKey USB authentication keys. CryptoSwift HSM is a validated FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard Publication) 140-1 Level 3 Hardware Security Module (HSM), a standard required by many U.S. federal agencies to protect commercial and sensitive data. Rainbow’s iKey securely stores authorized users’ digital credentials for signing or viewing documents stored in the Vault. The iKey is FIPS 140-1 Level 2 certified.

The IntelliSafe Vault’s integration with the iKey enables authenticated users to conduct transactions with high-value corporate or business-critical documents with other agencies or trusted business partners over the Internet.

The IntelliSafe Vault ensures the authenticity of digital documents for non-repudiation of transactions. Agencies that need to share sensitive information with other agencies for homeland security can now do so without releasing rogue copies of those originally-signed documents, just by sending viewers to the document stored in the Vault.

For critical documents and negotiable instruments, the Vault removes the physical barriers to closing deals and securing legally binding signatures. The Vault also eliminates costs associated with express mailing charges, storage, filing and retaining paper copies of originals, and speeds the transaction by eliminating delays caused by geographic barriers.

The CryptoSwift Hardware Security Module (CS HSM) is a piece of hardware that provides secure key storage inside a server. Its security parameter is fully covered by a physical enclosure that protects the critical information stored on HSM from physical tampering. The encryption and decryption of the sensitive information takes place inside the CryptoSwift HSM.

The iKey USB authentication key provides IntelliSafe Vault users with two-factor user authentication. To access the certificate and private key inside the iKey, the user must 1) have the token and 2) know the password or PIN.

“Storing the IntelliSafe Vault’s signing keys inside Rainbow’s CryptoSwift HSM gives government agencies and enterprises the confidence that Vault documents and their attesting signatures are authentic and tamperproof. The Vault provides iKey users with a unique solution for ensuring the authenticity of, and access to, their digital documents.” said David M. Lynch, vice president of worldwide marketing, Rainbow Technologies. “In today’s world, non-repudiation and high assurance security solutions are needed more than ever and the combination of the Rainbow CryptoSwift HSM, iKey and IntelliSafe Vault, provides an excellent solution to this growing need. ”

“Rainbow iKey users can maximize their investment by using their tokens for conducting daily transactions with high value documents and be assured that the Vault’s own keys for signing are stored securely inside the CryptoSwift HSM,” said Peter Natale, vice president of corporate products and head of IntelliSafe Technologies, a division of Compass Technology Management.

About IntelliSafe Technologiesâ„?
IntelliSafe Technologies, a division of Compass Technology Management, offers the IntelliSafe Vault, the simple and secure way to ensure the authenticity of digital content. The IntelliSafe Vaultâ„? software is an building block that provides other applications the patent-pending functionality to create, sign and store legally binding, authoritative documents in a paperless environment. The Vault provides substantial value anywhere critical documents are signed, sent by courier, and require secure storage, including government, financial services, express delivery, healthcare, and B2B marketplaces. IntelliSafe Technologies is located in Chesapeake, Virginia. See for more information.

About Rainbow Technologies
Founded in 1984, Rainbow Technologies is a leading provider of proven information security solutions for mission-critical data and applications used in business, organization and government computing environments. With headquarters in Irvine, Calif., Rainbow maintains offices and authorized distributors throughout the world. For more information, visit the Web site at

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