PGP 8.0 Public Beta available for download

During the RSA Conference 2002 Europe in Paris we had another opportunity to talk with Jon Callas, Chief Technical and Chief Security Officer at newly founded PGP Corporation. He noted that the PGP 8.0 Public Beta should get released soon, and as of now it is officially offered for download from their web site. Two versions are available for your beta testing pleasures: PGP 8.0 for Windows Beta and PGP 8.0 for Mac OS X Beta.

PGP 8.0 for Windows Beta features:

PGP 8.0 for Windows includes PGP Mail, PGP Disk and PGP Admin, offering numerous improvements as well as the following new features:

  • Full Windows XP (including SP1) and Office XP compatibility
  • Full server-side support for the Lotus Notes plug-in
  • Support for Novell GroupWise 5.5. and 6.0 messaging client
  • Significantly expanded Unicode support
  • Directory integration with iPlanet Directory Server, Microsoft Active Directory and Novell NDS
  • PGP Admin can now preconfigure automatic creation of PGP Disk volumes
  • Enhanced Smart Card functionality including support for Aladdin eToken

PGP 8.0 for Mac OS X Beta features:

  • Full support for Mac OS X 10.2 (If you have Mac OS X 10.0 or 10.1, you need to upgrade to 10.2.1 or later.)
  • Full PGP Disk interoperability with PGP Disks created by all prior PGP Disk products for Mac OS, as well as with PGP Disks created with PGP Disk for Windows 7.0 and later
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) support in PGP Disk
  • Significantly expanded Unicode support
  • Built-in support for Apple Mail and Microsoft Entourage X
  • PGP encryption and digital signature features are accessible as a Mac OS X service from Cocoa applications and Carbon applications that support services
  • PGP features are also accessible from the PGP’s Dock menu, providing a second ubiquitous method for accessing PGP

Further information on PGP 8.0 beta and download links can be found on:

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