Network Associates launches a professional services organization

Network Associates announced opening of a new strategic organization that will offer their customers comprehensive network and security consulting services. “Network Associates Expert Services” compiles together experts, that worked in Sniffer Technologies and on McAfee Security products, into one strengthened unified organization poised to address the growing convergence of network and security management.

Rick Brown, senior vice president of newly started Network Associates Expert Services said: “Today’s network and security problems cannot be solved by product alone. By strongly integrating services into our solution offerings, Network Associates is providing our customers with the ability to strategically tackle the issues of security and network management. We accomplish this through integrating the essential elements of expert people, workable process, strong policy, and industry leading product into a complete Network Associates solution.”

Network Associates Expert Services include:

Expert Network Services

The Expert Network Services consulting group leverages veteran technical expertise to relate granular network problems to larger networking issues. Expert Network Services offers packaged and custom consulting engagements for network assessment, network design, product deployment, and network downtime emergency response. Expert Network Services’ consultants are experts in fault isolation and performance management and have a thorough knowledge of the inter-relationship of network instrumentation, design, and traffic. This expertise and understanding provides our customers with the expertise required to rapidly resolve network performance, availability, and security issues and while facing increased complexity of communications.

Expert Security Services

Expert Security Services provides objective expert assistance in all phases of security program management, from design and assessment to technology deployment and emergency response. With increased dependence on information technology and the rapid advancement of attack techniques, Expert Security Services solutions such as assessing security posture, deploying security technologies, adopting workable security policies, and effectively responding to virus outbreaks and security breaches are essential to protect business.

Expert Educational Services

Expert Educational Services provides hands-on training courses for network management, security, and anti-virus technology. Having trained over 80,000 professionals to date, Expert Educational Services offers courses through Sniffer University and McAfee University in over seventy-five locations around the globe. Expert Educational Services also offers the industry recognized Sniffer(R) Certification Program that enables students to further their professional development and assures employers that their staff has the expertise required to effectively manage the performance of the network.

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