Panda Software Reports on New Opaserv.E Worm

Panda Software’s technical support services, the company’s Virus Laboratory and Panda ActiveScan, the online virus scanner, have all been recording incidents involving the new worm, Opaserv.E (W32/Opaserv.E). This malicious code is particularly adept at spreading across networks, which makes it especially dangerous for corporate environments.

Opaserv.E spreads across shared network drives and copies itself as Brasil.exe or Brasil.pif, going resident in the affected computer. It creates an entry in the Windows registry in order to ensure it is run on every system startup.

The worm tries to connect to two separate Internet addresses in order to download applications and run them on the infected computer. However, these addresses are at present inaccessible.

Opaserv.E is a variant of W32/Opaserv, which first appeared on September 30 and became one of the viruses most frequently detected by Panda ActiveScan.

To prevent possible incidents caused by Opaserv.E, Panda Software advises users to update their antivirus solutions. To ensure that user’s antiviruses can detect and remove this virus, the company has made the corresponding update to its products available on its website at: . More detailed information on W32/Opserv.E is available in Panda Software’s Virus Encyclopedia.

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