Ferrari UK accelerates to lower IT costs with IBM and Trustix Linux Solutions

Egham, UK – 22nd October 2002 – Ferrari UK has chosen Trustix and IBM to incorporate additional Linux based solutions into its IT infrastructure

Ferrari UK is installing five IBM eServer xSeries systems with two Trustix LAN servers, Trustix Proxy server, Trustix Web server and Trustix Firewall. Ferrari’s initial deployment is replacing an existing Novell network and with Trustix Firewall they are supplementing an existing Checkpoint firewall installation. This decision augments their existing deployment of a Linux based mail server five ye ars ago.

Open source resellers LinuxIT recommended the IBM and Trustix solution as they were aware of Ferrari’s keen interest in continuing to lower IT costs and increas ing manageability through Linux based solutions. Chris Rooke, IS Manager at Ferrari UK commented: “We have been watching developm ents with Linux with great interest since our initial implementation five years ago. The Trustix and IBM server solution will eliminate the upgrade costs associ ated with the Novell approach without any loss of functionality. The Trustix Fir ewall will supplement an existing firewall strategy and give us the ability to c ost effectively and easily manage that firewall locally and remotely which we co uld not previously do”.

Rooke continued: “The graphical interface with the Trustix products is very easy to use and therefore you do not need in-depth Linux experience to use the produ cts on a day to day basis. This is particularly important for us as only one of the team is fully Linux literate”.

In the longer term, Ferrari UK is also looking to use Trustix Linux Solution and IBM eServer xSeries system to develop a two-tier disaster recovery strategy. At present, Ferrari UK is looking to implement a fully-fledged DR plan within the group. In the next 12 months they are looking to provide a more cost effective l ayer of disaster recovery planning with a daily mirroring of data onto high capa city drives about 500 metres from the main computer room.

Rooke explained: “Our group DR strategy protects from major disruption something we have to plan for but will hopefully never need to use. The additional protec tion we are planning to implement with the Trustix Linux Solution and some of th e IBM hardware will provide a complete mirrored environment, which we can swap o ver to in the event of major disruption localised to the computer room itself. T his will again hopefully never be used but will be a very cost effective backup and recovery solution”.

“Ferrari UK’s migration to the Trustix Linux Solutions is a true reflection of t he standard of quality of the products,” noted James Dean UK Sales Director of T rustix. “We are delighted by Ferrari UK’s investment, and anticipate that their cost of ownership savings will be considerable”.

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