Panda ActiveScan 4.0 Includes Specific Trojan Detection

Despite the fact that Trojans operate far more discreetly than e-mail worms or viruses, this type of malicious code has been the culprit behind much of the recent damage inflicted on computer users. Trojans, with occasional exceptions, are generally designed to perform actions such as stealing confidential information and remotely executing potentially damaging programs on infected computers.

Installed into computers through Internet downloads or directly by hiding in seemingly innocuous applications, Trojans can be difficult to detect. At times their stealth tactics can leave users clueless as to how they became victim to a certain virus. New Trojans are emerging every day, and with them an increased likelihood of being attacked. This makes it necessary for any antivirus solution to be able to protect computers against this specific type of malicious code.

The new version of Panda ActiveScan lets users scan and eliminate even the most recent Trojans, thanks to the daily updates in the Panda Software servers. Users simply select this option from the main window and ActiveScan takes care of the rest.

Panda’s new antivirus solution neutralizes the more than 64,000 known viruses, scanning hard drives, disc drives, system memory and boot, e-mail, folders and individual files.

Suspicious files can also be sent to the SOS Virus Laboratory for further analysis 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Panda ActiveScan 4.0 is available at any time, any day of the year on the company’s web page and through thousands of international sites that have incorporated this exceptional tool.

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