SSH and Symark Announce Integration of SSH Secure Shell With Symark Powerpassword and Distribution of SSH Secure Shell Software

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Oct. 29, 2002 – SSH Communications Security (HEX:SSH1V), a world-leading developer of Internet security solutions, and Symark Software today announced that Symark has agreed to integrate SSH Secure Shell software with Symark’s new PowerPassword version 2.7, which provides central management of password and login policies across heterogeneous UNIX networks, providing stronger password security with detailed character set requirements, aging and history, and comprehensive auditing and logging. Symark PowerPassword also streamlines administration of passwords across multi-vendor UNIX environments with reset and synchronization across hosts. Symark will also distribute SSH’s Secure Shell UNIX server and client software products for use with Symark PowerPassword.

“Native UNIX provides few administrator controls to enforce desired password security policies, such as specifying character sets or aging passwords before reuse,” said Doug Yarrow, president of Symark Software. “In response to customer demand, PowerPassword now has the ability to transparently provide advanced password security and login access control to SSH Secure Shell environments.”

Symark PowerPassword significantly increases UNIX password security by allowing UNIX administrators to enforce DoD-defined C2-level password policies, including specific character set requirements, longer password lengths, password aging, and supports checking new passwords against desired lists such as dictionaries and personal information. PowerPassword also enables the most granular access control policies that detail which users may login to which hosts, when they may login (day, date, time), using which remote login commands or shells, from which hosts and IP addresses, etc. PowerPassword also provides “Three Strikes and You’re Out” – an innovative technology that prevents security breaches by locking out accounts, including expired or orphaned accounts, and generates proactive alerts to security personnel when breaches are attempted. Symark PowerPassword supports and extends NIS (Network Information Services) and LDAP environments with advanced password and login security, and even works across extensive multi-vendor UNIX/Linux networks. Now, with support for SSH environments, PowerPassword provides a complete solution for secure access across heterogeneous UNIX networks.

“In order to establish a secure network, IT managers must take a holistic approach to secure all facets of the network,” said George Adams, president and CEO of SSH Communications Security, Inc. “This includes the incorporation of a solution that will encrypt both user identities and passwords, as well as data content before transmission across the Internet or LAN. The integration of SSH Secure Shell with Symark’s PowerPassword provides users with a reliable solution proven to protect UNIX environments from external and internal breaches.”

About SSH Communications Security
SSH Communications Security, a world-leading supplier of Internet security solutions, offers a broad range of award-winning products designed to address the most critical security issues for businesses, financial institutions and governments worldwide. SSH’s award-winning remote access software, SSH Secure Shell, the de facto standard for secure remote access and data transfer, and SSH Sentinel(TM), a feature-rich remote access VPN “smart” client are ideal solutions for securing wireline and wireless networks. The SSH Certifier(TM) product family provides a robust certification authority for flexible and strong authentication through digital certificates and tokens. The market-leading, award-winning SSH IPSec family of toolkits for OEMs and software developers enables fast time-to-market and reduced in-house development costs. SSH is traded publicly on the Helsinki Exchanges under HEX:SSH1V. For more information, please visit

About Symark
Founded in 1985, Symark is the leading provider of security solutions for Global 2000 businesses that protect UNIX and Linux resources. Symark PowerBroker® enables granular delegation of administrative privileges while restricting root account access. Symark PowerPassword® provides login and password policy management with stronger passwords, aging and history. Both products offer the broadest range of UNIX flavors, central administration and detailed audit logs. Symark’s products strike the perfect balance between protection and productivity by preventing damage or abuse by trusted users, whether intentional or not. Symark offers extensive expertise in enterprise computing security and its products are backed by unmatched technical support. For more information, visit us at

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