Diversinet Supports Authentication Security For New Microsoft Windows For Smartphone

Diversinet Helps Enterprises Employ Strong Client Authentication Security for Windows Powered Pocket PC and Smartphone Applications

Toronto, CANADA- November 7, 2002 – Diversinet Corp. (NASDAQ SmallCap: DVNT), a leading provider of mobile commerce (m-commerce) security infrastructure solutions, today announced the availability of strong client authentication security for all Windows Powered mobile devices, including Smartphone, Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone Edition.

Diversinet’s wireless security product suite provides the strong authentication tools for Microsoft Windows Powered mobile devices, as demanded by enterprise customers. Diversinet continues to expand its extensive device coverage to include the new Smartphone.

“Enterprises view client security as a key element in the deployment of mobile applications,” said Mary Rose Becker, group marketing manager for Mobile Devices at Microsoft Corp. “Diversinet’s support of strong client authentication security for Windows Powered Smartphone extends the platform’s inherent security, benefiting enterprises by ensuring peace of mind when sending sensitive corporate data wirelessly.”

Diversinet’s wireless security products will be promoted to Pocket PC and Smartphone users as a premier product that maximizes the benefits of the Windows Powered devices. As a Mobility Partner Advisory Council member, Diversinet enjoys the technical, marketing and business development support offered by Microsoft to companies making significant investments in the mobility sector.

“The availability of Diversinet’s security for all Windows Powered mobile devices means that potentially millions of users of those devices will be able to conduct their mobile transactions with confidence, knowing that they are legitimate and secure,” said Hussam Mahgoub, Vice President of Products at Diversinet. “The announcement today of support for the new Windows Powered Smartphone is especially important to us, as Diversinet maintains its leadership in providing wireless security for popular mobile devices.”

About Diversinet Corp.
Diversinet is a leading software developer of advanced security infrastructure solutions for both wired and wireless terminals such as personal computers, mobile phones, PDAs and smartcards. Diversinet’s client/server security software facilitates digital signatures, authentication and encryption with products specifically designed to perform optimally in wireless environments and resource-constrained devices. In October of 2001, Diversinet enabled the launch of the first public Certification Authority in the world to offer mobile individual and business digital certificates for consumer use. For more information visit www.diversinet.com.

About the Microsoft Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC)
Responding to the needs of the rapidly growing ecosystem around mobility products, Microsoft Corp. formed a specialized arm of its global Mobile Solutions Partner Program (MSPP), called the Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC). The MPAC was created both to serve as a focused feedback mechanism for Microsoft mobility platform development and to provide new technical, marketing and business development support to companies making significant investments and inroads in the mobility space.

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