Intrusion SecureNet System Praised in Upcoming NSS Gigabit Network IDS Report

NSS, Europe’s Foremost Independent Network and Security Testing Organization Gives Intrusion SecureNet System Accolades in Gigabit Network IDS Test to Be Published Later This Month

Expanding on the capabilities of its industry leading intrusion detection monitoring and management platform, Intrusion Inc. (Nasdaq:INTZ), a leading provider of intrusion detection solutions for the information-driven economy, today announced the favorable review of the Intrusion SecureNet System.

The NSS test covered Gigabit network intrusion detection systems and showed clearly that the Intrusion SecureNet System is a capable and highly usable network IDS in Gigabit environments. “Intrusion was eager to participate in the NSS Gigabit IDS test because of the independent caliber and technical thoroughness that NSS is known for,” said Ryon Packer, vice president of product management, marketing and business development for Intrusion Inc. “Intrusion has been focusing on the development of the most deployable, usable and extensible network IDS that is capable on the majority of networks. We are confident that the NSS test will positively show the results of our recent efforts.”

The test, which was performed on a variety of vendor’s products over the last 4 months, included the Intrusion SecureNet Provider 2.1 management and monitoring framework and the Intrusion SecureNet 4.3sp1 sensor technology. The NSS test reviews the entire system and provides a substantial independent review of the functionality and features of the IDS. Performance testing was done to show the signature coverage for a suite of 112 attacks and the IDSes ability to detect attacks with a mixture of traffic up to theoretical wire speed Gigabit. The SecureNet System showed nearly 90% detection of the suite of attacks and evasion techniques, placing the SecureNet System in the top ranks of the tested vendors. The performance testing showed the Intrusion SecureNet System capable of 100% detection with medium packet sizes (non-stateful) and over 80% detection rates with real world traffic at Gigabit wire speed.

“The Intrusion SecureNet System has come a long way since we tested it last year, both in usability of the SecureNet Provider interface and the performance and attack detection of the SecureNet Sensor,” said Bob Walder, partner at the NSS Group. “The report will be presented later this month and makes interesting reading on the state of the Gigabit IDS market.”

The NSS Group Gigabit IDS test will be launched in the first week of December, 2002. The report will include reviews of five additional intrusion detection systems and will be available from the NSS web site at from Dec. 1, 2002.

About NSS Group
The NSS Group is Europe’s foremost independent network testing facility and consultancy organization. Based in the UK with separate security and network infrastructure testing facilities in the South of France, The NSS Group offers a range of specialist IT, networking and security-related services to vendors and end-user organizations throughout Europe and the United States. The Group consists of two wholly-owned subsidiaries: NSS Network Testing Laboratories and Network Security Services.

Output from the labs, including detailed research reports, articles and white papers on the latest network and security technologies, are made available on the NSS web site at

Further information on The NSS Group is available at

About Intrusion Inc.

Intrusion Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise security solutions for the information-driven economy. Intrusion’s suite of security products help businesses protect critical information assets by quickly detecting, analyzing and responding to network- and host-based attacks. The company’s products include intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment systems, and modular, scalable security appliances for Check Point Software Technologies’ market-leading VPN-1(R)/FireWall-1(R). For more information, please visit

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