Network Associates Expert Services Organization Expands Security Educational Offerings

New Sniffer University Online Courses Educate Network and Security Professionals to Address Growing Blended Security Threats from Anywhere in the World

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Network Associates, Inc. (NYSE: NET) today introduced Sniffer University Online, a new virtual classroom that provides cutting-edge education and training on Sniffer technology to help customers address blended security threats from anywhere in the world. The new virtual classes were developed to deliver the quality of education Sniffer University students traditionally expect from Network Associates’ physical classroom with the accessibility of obtaining Sniffer University via the Internet.

Meeting the demand for solutions that help address the growing risk of blended security threats, Sniffer University Online is a real-time, interactive learning solution available to network and security professionals today. Regardless of geographic location, customers can now benefit from Network Associates renowned Sniffer University program to increase the value of existing technical staff and better defend against network intrusions, computer viruses, and blended threats.

“We are very excited about the introduction of Sniffer University Online and the benefits it brings to our organization,” said Garin Ganis, network manager at PT Praweda Ciptakarsa Informatika in Indonesia. “With this new offering, our engineers can now receive the most current training on Sniffer technology without having to spend time flying across the globe and suffering the pains of jetlag. Network Associates is surely bringing cutting-edge technical education from Sniffer University to our desktops in a cost-effective way.”

Sniffer University Online provides students with training on the latest techniques of leveraging protocol analysis to enhance their intrusion detection and virus detection strategies. The virtual classes offer students the ability to receive real-time Web instruction on Sniffer Technologies’ products and best practices; interact with instructors and other students through chat capabilities; receive live demonstrations of Sniffer Technologies’ solutions; conduct real-time course assessments; and post-course review of live classroom exercises and demonstrations.

Sniffer University Online courses offered today to students anywhere in the world are listed below. In the coming year, this online course portfolio will be expanded to build on Sniffer University’s security and network availability offerings.

Intrusion Detection Filtering Techniques — This two-hour online course instructs students on how to leverage Sniffer technology to complement their current intrusion detection systems. In this course, students learn to identify, track and stop network intruders and their activity on the network. The course demonstrates how to set advanced filters for Denial of Service, HTTP and HTTPS illegal requests, FTP password guessing, confidential information in e-mail, and Finger queries.

Virus Detection Filtering Techniques — The impact of viruses such as Nimda and Code Red have emphasized the requirements for an in-depth malicious code defense and detection strategy. This two-hour online course educates students on how to leverage Sniffer technology as a network-based virus detection solution that complements traditional host based virus detection methods for faster detection of infected machines. The course covers how to locate virus frames, determine patterns for filtering, develop filters, and recognize/analyze suspicious network traffic patterns.

“There is a critical need for convenient, economic, and effective technical education to increase the value of existing staff and better learn how to address the tough problems information technology faces today,” said Rich Baich, senior director of Network Associates Expert Educational Services. “Sniffer University is committed to assisting our customers in tackling these issues with cutting-edge technical education and the highest quality instruction available. Through the introduction of Sniffer University Online, customers from around the globe can easily access high-quality Sniffer University training without compromising their educational experience.”

For additional information behind the new Sniffer University Online courses, please contact Network Associates Expert Services at 866-SNIFFERU or go to

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