MandrakeLinux 9.0 includes RAV AntiVirus solution for mail servers

MandrakeSoft teamed up with RAV Antivirus in order to include RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers protection in the commercial CD (packed) with the new distribution of MandrakeLinux, version 9.0. MandrakeSoft granted its certification both to GeCAD Software, as ISV (Independent Software Vendor) partner and to its products: RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers (running on Sendmail and Postfix) and RAV AntiVirus Desktop for Linux.

Already known and trusted in Linux and UNIX communities, RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers provides not only virus protection, based on a TPI technology and an extremely wide signatures database. It also integrates an antispam module, together with content filtering and group configuration features that can be customized and disabled/enabled at any time by the server administrator. The evaluation version of RAV Antivirus integrated in the new MandrakeLinux distribution is fully functional, and even the technical support ca be tested as part of a complete mail server protection service.

The need for antivirus protection grows larger in the UNIX world. Excepting particular cases, when even a desktop is exposed to virus attacks (let us admit that the expansion of Linux and UNIX systems in the past few years gave more place to human error and, consequently, virus writers begun to be more “productive” in the Linux realm), the mail servers are the usual targets for attacks coming from hackers and Internet malwares. For their reliability when it comes to hacking attempts, many people choose Linux/UNIX platforms for their mail servers. Regarding the Internet malware and spam issue – serious threats for mail servers – the antivirus and/or antispam software is a must. After screening the antivirus market, Mandrake Soft decided on RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers for inclusion in their new CD. The product packages are available since the 1st of November.

The MandrakeSoft Certificate of Compatibility applies to RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers and RAV AntiVirus Desktop, both being Linux dedicated products, and attests the consistency of this antivirus with the MandrakeLinux PowerPack 9.0 and MandrakeLinux ProSuite 9.0 distributions.

“To cut it short, RAV Antivirus has two major benefits: first, it offers dedicated reliable solutions, especially designed for a particular UNIX OS/MTA/hardware platform; and second, it integrates an antispam module, so the user doesn’t have to look elsewhere (and resolve several compatibility problems) for antispam protection”, said Mr. Regis Wira, associated CTO at MandrakeSoft, adding that “we tested the product and it proved to be indeed a reliable antivirus, meeting all the compatibility criteria. Therefore it gains our Certification, letting users know that it is a reliable application for the new MandrakeLinux PowerPack 9.0 and MandrakeLinux ProSuite 9.0.”

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