ReefEdge Licenses SSH Sentinel VPN Client for Its Wireless LAN Solution

SSH Communications Security announced that ReefEdge, Inc. has licensed the award-winning SSH Sentinel 1.4 VPN client software for secure access with the ReefEdge Connect System 3.0, the latest security and management solution for Wireless Local Area Networks.

SSH Sentinel, recognized this year as the “Best Internet Security Product” by SC Magazine readers, is an IPSec VPN client for securing data in wireline and wireless environments. SSH Sentinel is a strong, transparent solution to extend corporate security to remote and internal users on wireline or wireless networks.

“Security is a major concern facing IT managers deploying wireless networks,” said Ajei Gopal, CEO of ReefEdge. “We launched the Wireless LAN Security Interoperability Program to ensure a complete end-to-end interoperable security solution. We are proud to have SSH, a leader in information security as one of the Program’s charter members. The integration of the ReefEdge Connect System with SSH Sentinel allows users to conveniently and reliably establish secure wireless connections.”

The ReefEdge Connect System is a networking solution that provides advanced security, seamless mobility with session persistence, and easy
management for WLANs. ReefEdge Connect System 3.0 is the only solution available today that has the capabilities and performance needed to address the security issues that 802.11-based technology presents. Connect 3.0 implements security in a multi-faceted manner via authentication, policy-based access control, and strong data encryption. With SSH Sentinel, the connection between end-user and enterprise access points will now provide strong and transparent authentication and encryption across IPSec gateways, as well as support security inherent in new 802.11 networking equipment.

As part of SSH’s on-going effort to enhance the security and ease of deployment of WLANs, the company has also announced that it will support
ReefEdge’s WLAN Security Interoperability Program. This new program is designed to address the needs of different types of WLAN deployments by
ensuring support for comprehensive security across a wide range of platforms, operating systems, authentication servers, and other network resources.

“The increasing popularity of wireless LANs present a tremendous security risk to corporations and users alike,” said George Adams, president and CEO of SSH Communications Security, Inc. “As part of our on-going commitment to secure communications, we are very pleased that ReefEdge has chosen SSH Sentinel for its customers, and to support ReefEdge’s WLAN Security Interoperability Program to ensure the network is protected with strong encryption and authentication.

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