Report on Microsoft Windows Encrypting File System

Network Associates, Inc. has published an analysis of the architecture, use and security of the Microsoft Windows Encrypting File System (EFS). The 23 pages long paper published on MSDN, covers this transparent file encryption service as it exists in Windows XP Professional and Windows .NET Server 2003.

The findings of the NAI’s research and analysis indicate that the EFS service makes a reasonable effort at providing file confidentiality and that the components are well designed and implemented.

David Balenson, director of technical outreach at Network Associates Laboratories said: “The research conducted by Network Associates Laboratories continues to raise the bar on product security analysis, and helps to provide both computer users and IT administrators with valuable information on the operation and security of prominent technology platforms. We are extremely pleased to be working with Microsoft to analyze and evaluate the software and services that are crucial to the overall security of its operating system.”

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