Transparent Document Security For Microsoft Office Launched

In late November, document security provider Adhaero Technologies, released Adhaero Doc – a comprehensive solution that encrypts and controls the use of Microsoft Office documents and emails. In addition to ‘on the fly’ strong 448 bit encryption, this Microsoft Windows based product uses the latest Digital Rights Management technology, making the document secured and permanently controlled.

If the user allows collaboration on a document, he or she can still prevent it being edited, copied, forwarded or printed without permission. Additional functions include preventing access to the document until a given date or time and destroying the document after a given date.

William A. Rowe, president and CEO, Adhaero Technologies said: “Adhaero differentiates itself by providing security products that offer transparent usage and strong encryption technology, to protect documents and e-mails throughout their lifecycle, regardless of where they reside, ensuring secure Web-based collaboration. No other software security product can claim the same level of leading edge, non-disruptive document security capabilities as Adhaero Doc, providing internal and outbound privacy for all your communications”.

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