Novell releases a new UDDI server

Novell announced the availability to developers of a new Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) server that adds secure identity management to the UDDI standard, bolstering the security and simplifying the management of Web services registries.

Novell Nsure UDDI Server is based on Novell’s market-leading eDirectory software and is the first deliverable of the company’s Destiny roadmap for eDirectory.

Since its inception in 2000, adoption of the UDDI standard has been limited, partly because initial Web services deployments have been relatively small, but also because the standard lacks adequate provisions to ensure the security and management of registered services. With the delivery of a UDDI server based on eDirectory, Novell is attacking those limitations head on.

Angie Anderson, Novell vice president of Identity Services said: “Novell eDirectory is the foundation for secure identity management inside and outside the enterprise, so it’s a natural progression to extend those capabilities to Web services deployments, particularly as part of a key building block like UDDI. In doing so, Novell Nsure UDDI Server advances the state of the art for Web services-based development. Businesses don’t need to sacrifice the cost savings and simplicity of Web services in order to maintain tight control over access to company resources. With Novell Nsure UDDI Server, secure management of Web services is a reality today.”

Novell Nsure UDDI Server allows businesses to register Web services and make them available to internal or external users, while leveraging the security and management inherent in eDirectory. Users, whether publishing or consuming services, can be required to first authenticate to the directory and verify their identity. Equally important, those users, their access rights, and the registered Web services can be easily managed with eDirectory tools like Novell iManager, which are familiar to most network administrators.

“The value proposition for Novell Nsure UDDI Server, based on eDirectory, is simple,” Anderson said. “Whether they’ve deployed Web services yet or not, companies are already laying the infrastructure that will support future Web services adoption. So why not build that infrastructure on the most scalable, reliable and secure technology available?”

Novell Nsure UDDI Server will be available December 17 for free download. For more information, go to

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