PureEdge Solutions Achieves Entrust Ready Status with Entrust TruePass Software

PureEdge Provides Advanced Digital Signature Security and Authentication to Customers Through Interoperability with Entrust TruePass Software v.6.0

Victoria, BC – December 18, 2002 – PureEdge Solutions Inc., the leading provider of secure XML-based e-forms solutions for governments and regulated industries, announced today that its Internet Commerce Solutionâ„? (ICS) 5.1.0 has achieved Entrust® Ready status with Entrust TruePassâ„? software. PureEdge Solutions’ secure XML electronic forms solution, Internet Commerce Systemâ„? and Entrust TruePass 6.0 and Entrust Entelligence â„? 6.1, together help provide data integrity and non-repudiation for enterprise and inter-enterprise e-forms systems and provide organizations with the ability to securely transition from paper to electronic business processes.

The Entrust software helps secure PureEdge ICS applications against unauthorized access and can be used to digitally sign e-forms and documents, providing additional protection of e-business systems. With Entrust TruePass and ICS, organizations creating end-to-end digital business processes can now better secure their e-forms and high-value documents at every stage of use – from information capture and completion to submission and retrieval. This integration enables customers, citizens, partners and employees to conduct online business with confidence.

The Entrust Ready designation is granted by Entrust (Nasdaq:ENTU), a leading global provider of Internet security solutions and services, and refers to products and services that have been reviewed for compatibility and interoperability with Entrust TruePass software.

Entrust is enabling Entrust Ready partners to integrate with Entrust TruePass software v.6.0 through its Web-based Entrust Ready program. By doing so, partners can benefit from interoperability with the extensive features of Entrust TruePass, providing customers with a solution that can expand and grow to address future requirements.

Entrust TruePass software v.6.0 provides enhanced identification through multiple methods of authentication based on digital identities (ID). This includes various smart cards, standard roaming with SMS messaging via GSM mobile phones, or via voice options with a standard phone, local PC storage, and tokens, thereby broadening the potential market of Entrust Ready partner’s products.

“PureEdge is excited about the combination of our XML-based e-forms solutions with Entrust’s digital signature support,” said Brian Nutt, COO, PureEdge Solutions. “Our government and e-business customers now have significantly increased transaction security that ensures agreement, acceptance and authenticity of the signatures, format and content of the e-forms and documents used in their applications such as e-filings, licensing and contract management”

PureEdge’s ICS enables businesses to create, capture, process and archive secure XML e-forms, and integrate them seamlessly with infrastructure and legacy systems.

“More than ever, companies are faced with the critical need to secure their online transactions,” said Ian Curry, Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer, Entrust, Inc. “With PureEdge’s Entrust Ready designation, both companies’ customers will be able to provide employees, clients and partners with powerful tools to confidently conduct online business and improve efficiencies that can help contribute to greater cost savings.”

PureEdge is a technology member of the Entrust Ready Developer Program, a global program designed to extend the marketing and services capabilities of vendors who consider security a business imperative. The program is comprised of partners who are leaders in service, technology and innovation and who share Entrust’s objective in delivering total solutions to customers.

About PureEdge Solutions
PureEdge Solutions is the leading provider of secure XML e-forms solutions for governments and regulated industries. The PureEdge Internet Commerce Systemâ„? enables businesses to create, capture, process and archive secure XML e-forms, and integrate them seamlessly with infrastructure and legacy systems. By moving valuable business documents to the web, PureEdge helps government and business organizations including the Securities & Exchange Commission, JPMorgan Chase and the U.S. Department of Defense, to save money and reduce paperwork, ensure their applications are secure, and extend their e-business systems to employees, customers and partners. Information: www.pureedge.com or 1-888-517-2675.

Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust, Inc. in the United States and certain other countries. In Canada, Entrust is a registered trademark of Entrust Technologies Limited. All Entrust product names are trademarks of Entrust. All other company and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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