Internet Cleanup 3.0 Protects Your Privacy

Aladdin Systems, Inc. (not to be confused with Aladdin Knowledge Systems) announced a new version of Internet Cleanup, software recently acquired from Kroll Ontrack. Internet Cleanup 3.0 runs on all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system and it requires Internet Explorer 5.01 or later, AOL 7.0/8.0 or MSN browser.

Some of the interesting functions this product bundles are: blocking pop-up advertisements, blocking cookies and unwanted ads, removing spyware and web bugs, automatic browser data cleaning and Instant Messenger cleanup.

Pauline Shumake, product manager at Aladdin Systems said: “Privacy is an issue that gets more important every day. Users want to know that what they do and where they go on the Internet is private and that their activities won’t be recorded in marketing databases that can be traced back to them. Internet Cleanup resolves the privacy concern by removing tracking devices and Internet clutter that can be traced.”

Computer statistics as seen with Internet Cleanup 3.0

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