New Type of Data Security by TenFold

TenFold Corporation made public a significant and unique feature of its Universal Application platform called SecurityByValue that introduces a simple way to manage a new type of data security. SecurityByValue is a Universal Application feature that lets non-technical, applications administrators define rules that precisely control the data that end-users may read or write.

Dr. Nancy Harvey, TenFold’s President and CEO said: “No other applications development technology offers SecurityByValue capability. With security becoming more important because of Web applications, SecurityByValue is an important differentiator for our Universal Application technology.”

Jeffrey L. Walker, TenFold’s CTO said: “We designed the Universal Application to address applications needs that had never been solved. SecurityByValue is one of many unique Universal Application features. It is an especially important feature in today’s business environment, which places high value on tight security and continuous change to security rules. Without SecurityByValue, a company either does without this type of security, or spends a fortune providing partial security with complex programming.”

Bruce Tow, TenFold’s Vice President, Architecture said: “Before we went live with our new documentation management system, DocuManage, we only wanted a few people to be able to view Universal Application source-code related documentation. Within minutes, we enabled SecurityByValue without changing a single DocuManage transaction. Now DocuManage end-users see only documentation appropriate to their licenses, both protecting our intellectual property and improving most end-user experiences by limiting access to pertinent documents.”

SecurityByValue is available today in all versions of the Universal Application platform on over twenty-five hardware, software, and database environments.

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