BSDI MTAs are Protected by RAV AntiVirus

RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers makes a preview of the soon to come 8.4.1 version, by presenting the new product designed for BSDI mail transfer agents. RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers running on BSDI is a first in the family, and it comes as a response to BSDI users’ requests, as well as part of a wider purpose, that of providing complete antivirus and security solutions covering all major OSs, MTAs and hardware platforms. With the new protection added for BSDI, RAV AntiVirus now covers all major BSD flavors.

An antivirus solution is a must on a mail server, that’s beyond any doubt. Challenges that lay ahead for Internet communications develop at the same time and with the same ampleness as the technology evolves. Threats directed towards mail servers are of many kinds and with multiple effects. Still, the major threat is represented by viruses, especially mass mailing worms. In addition, the increasing bulk mail, that seems to extend regardless of the new legislation in the field, may contribute to deterioration of mail server functionality, and administrators’ and clients’ distress. Other things administrators seek for in mail server protection utilities are management facilities, such as content filtering and group management, and the more scalable they are, the better the product is considered to be.

RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers running on BSDI scans and cleans mail messages and all types of attachments including archives, exe files, embedded files, etc. It helps you avoid Internet malwares (viruses, worms, Trojans, hoaxes, etc.), bulk mail and information leaks. The new product from RAV is scanning, detecting and removing any electronic threat from the messages flowing to/from the mail server, no matter what operating system the message is originating from, protecting important data for companies and preventing computers from being infected by viruses, worms, Trojans and other malwares.

This version of RAV AntiVirus for Mail Servers running on BSDI also includes an AntiSpam module and powerful, fully customizable content filtering features.

RAV Antivirus for Mail Servers provides mail servers with a full range of latest generation protection and security features that can be easily managed and configured within Webconfig 2.0, a web based interface freely available with the product.

A cutting edge technology known as triggered update reduces to the very minimum the risk of infection in case of a new virus outbreak. RAV users may opt to subscribe to, and the triggered update technology automatically launches whenever an e-mail from that list is received by the server RAV is on (the procedure requires that the administrator sets an Update_exe parameter, which command the product to connect to the update server). The server administrator has automated updates from that moment on, every time an important update is released by RAV AntiVirus research team.

Courtesy of GeCAD Software, developers of RAV AntiVirus.

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