Computer Security 2003 Mexico Request for Papers

The goal of Computer Security 2003 Mexico is to create awareness among the computer user community about security strategies and mechanisms used to protect information systems.Since 1994, Mexico has been organizing this great event through the Computer Security Department and UNAM-CERT.

Computer Security 2003 will be an event for all the people who are involved in the use, design and administration of computer systems.

The community is invited to participate in Computer Security 2003 through the presentation of theoretical, technical, and applied works as well as those that present practical experiences in the following topics (but not limited to them): Electronic commerce, New firewall technologies, World Wide Web security, Legislation about Computer Security, Network security, Cluster security, Software development security, Distributed systems security, Database security, Security of agents and multi-platform languages, Incident response Teams, Computer security incident handling, prevention and coordination, Administrative and legal issues on incident handling, Software protection and intellectual property, New tools for incident handling, Intrusion detection, Computer attacks, Privacy and cryptography protocols, Security policies, Computer viruses and DDOS

For more information on the conference and to read the author instructions, visit the Conference web site:

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