Adhaero Doc 1.1.8

Document security should be taken seriously since valuable corporate information can be contained in virtually all communications within the company.

Here’s a product that can help you secure yourself, easily. Adhaero Doc is a Business Document Security product that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. The program enables users to encrypt and apply digital rights to their documents and e-mails.


The installation process is a clear demonstration of Adhaero’s dedication to security. The installation is performed in two phases with a reboot in between. During the first phase the administrator must enter a 16-character Adhaero Doc group code. This code can be used as one of the three available authentication methods, it prevents non-group members from viewing protected content and it’s used to recover protected content using an administrative recovery module.

The nice thing about the first part of the installation is the possibility to create a registry script that contains all of your settings. This way you can automate the installation of Adhaero on other workstations in your organization – very efficient!

Entering the group code Entering the default passphrase Creation of the registry script

After the first part of the installation you have to create an account. In order to do so, the first thing you need to provide is the default Adhaero Doc passphrase you created during the installation.

After you provide the passphrase you get a wizard that sets up your account in a few easy steps. You have to choose a passphrase for yourself and just in case you forget it, you can enter two questions and answers that can be used as an alternative. This personal passphrase generates your unique digital signature.

Since Adhaero identifies you as the author of documents or e-mails by your Author Identity Code, you are provided with one. As a last step in the creation of your personal settings, a backup copy of your settings is made in a directory of your choosing.

Protecting your documents

Every time you boot your operating system you are greeted with a Logon Screen where you have to provide your passphrase to start using the program. After you identify yourself you can see the program waiting in the background as its icon sits in the taskbar.

Once you’ve identified yourself you’re ready to protect your documents. The Adhaero Doc icon is right there in your Microsoft Office applications, easily accessible:

Each time you save a new document, the Adhaero Doc settings box appears. Let’s assume you want to protect the document, in which case you have a few options: date restrictions, disabled printing, no content copying, and creation of a read-only document.

You can also choose the “user authentication” tab in which you can specify a passphrase, let the users within your group access the document or identify the recipients by their Windows NT login identities. After you’ve made your choice and protected your document it’s icon also changes and looks like this:

Everything is pretty straightforward, take a look at the screenshots below and you’ll see how this program is easy to use.

Control options menu Authentication menu

What I think of it

What makes this product stand out from other security applications is it’s ease of use. Apart from the installation process, which may be a bit confusing for people not familiar with computer security, everything is very intuitive and simple. But don’t worry, the quick start guide provided with the software is here to make your life easier during the install. This is the way to protect your valuable information – easy, efficient and secure.

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