realtime North America Introduces bioLock, the First SAP Certified Biometric Access And Function Control

All SAP Users to Benefit from Increased Security, and Reduced Cost and Complexity to Administer Security on All SAP Systems

TAMPA, Florida. Jan. 13
( realtime North America, Inc. today announced that North American distribution is now available for bioLock, the first and only access-control-via-fingerprint software solution for SAP systems. realtime’s COO Thomas Neudenberger says “The combination of realtime’s SAP-certified software solutions with technology available from Siemens and Cherry, not only makes SAP systems much more secure, but it also makes the administration of security much simpler and more cost effective”. Neudenberger said that new technology from Siemens, such as the award-winning Siemens ID Mouse and the biometric keyboard from Cherry Corporation, makes the acceptance of bioLock by the many SAP customers in North America, who are concerned about system security, very easy to justify. In his words, it’s “a must-have solution. It is so much quicker and more secure to put your finger on a sensor than trying to remember the correct password!”

Recent laws passed by the United States Congress have heightened the awareness of system security issues. The present US White House administration has mandated that the US governmental agencies will use biometric methods, including fingerprint scans, of securing access to sensitive systems. realtime’s entrance into the North American market is therefore very beneficial to all North American SAP customers, both governmental and private enterprise.

BioLock was invented by realtime AG, an established SAP Partner Consulting firm since 1986, and located in Langenfeld Germany. Frank Lemm, CEO of realtime AG, parent company of realtime North America, described the function of bioLock as very necessary for the many established customers that realtime has served in Europe, and are now becoming security conscious, in addition to the existing and potential customers in North America

With the growing need for security on a global basis, realtime saw the need for and has developed the first biometric access and function control software solution for SAP.

Using this SAP-certified software in conjunction with the award-winning Siemens ID Mouse or the Cherry keyboard, the fingerprint comparison can be installed as a sole access barrier or as a verification process used in addition to the password login. The tools offered by realtime can protect the entire SAP system from unauthorized access or only individual, security-snsitive program branches. As an additional benefit, bioLock is easily customized for specific needs.

About realtime
realtime is an SAP solution house that was established in 1986 in Germany and is still managed by former senior SAP employees. Since its beginning, realtime has established a client base of “Fortune Global 500” customers in Europe and in North America. Clients include Bayer, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, Toyota, Esso, Woolworth, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Black & Decker, Nestlé and many more. realtime has supported these clients with both services and software solutions. In addition to bioLock, realtime has many users of its other popular software solutions, including APM which provides access rights administration in SAP R/3, and TMT which is a time management tool for SAP that also offers project and order-related analyses options. More information about realtime North America can be obtained at

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