PKWARE and RSA Security Enter a Strategic Alliance

Bringing together PKWARE’s ZIP compression technology and RSA BSAFE encryption technology, the two companies will develop and market best-of-breed products that combine their complementary technologies for desktop, server and mainframe environments.

Under the strategic alliance agreement, PKWARE is licensing RSA BSAFE encryption software for use across all platforms – including desktops, servers, and mainframes – supported by PKWARE’s flagship line of PKZIP compression products. Similarly, RSA Security is licensing PKZIP compression technology for use in products it will offer through its worldwide direct sales and distribution channels. Additionally, the companies have agreed to collaborate on further integrating their technologies in future versions of PKZIP.

Security experts have long appreciated how compression can aid encryption. Compression reduces the overhead associated with the encryption process, in addition to making more efficient use of network bandwidth and storage. This technology alliance is intended to leverage these combined benefits, using ZIP compression and RSA BSAFE encryption software.

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