Panda: The First and Only Antivirus Developer to Integrate Protection Against SQLSlammer Type Worms

MADRID, January 28 2003

Panda Software has announced that its new high performance, corporate antivirus solution, Panda Antivirus Appliance, is the first and only solution to detect and block SQLSlammer type worms, such as the one that brought large sections of the Internet to a standstill over the weekend.

Panda Antivirus Appliance clients who want to ensure they are protected against this worm should update their Appliance by clicking on “Update Now” in the “Antivirus Updates” section of the web console. This button is only enabled when the Appliance detects that there is a new update available, although it is programmed to search for them every twelve hours. In the “Automatic Updates” section, it is possible to see the time remaining before the next search for updates.

Once this is done, the system will be automatically protected against the exploit of SQL Server vulnerabilities used by the SQLSlammer worm or others that could emerge in the future.

Panda Antivirus Appliance scans at TCP/IP level and blocks the packets that try to exploit known SQL Server vulnerabilities. To be precise, it blocks attempts to exploit two buffer overflows and a denial of service of attack, all of which are described in a Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Panda Antivirus Appliance, the high performance perimeter antivirus, is available from €4,226, including Corporate Tech Support 24h-365d and hardware maintenance and warranty contract. Companies that want to ensure protection against this kind of attack, which are not detected by similar solutions, will find more information at: or calling your local Panda Software dealer.

About Panda Software
Panda Software ( is a leading international developer of antivirus software for all types of customers: corporate clients, small and medium sized companies, and home users. Their 100% in-house, antivirus technology has received awards and quality certifications from the most widely-respected IT security institutions. Their commitment to client service and the concept of the protection of computer systems as a 24h-365d Insurance Policy rather than merely a software product have revolutionized the computer security industry. The quality of Panda Software’s products has been endorsed by major industry watchdogs including ICSA Labs and Checkmark.

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