Webcast – Eliminate the SANS/FBI Top 20 Internet Vulnerabilities

In the following two briefings, Jason Fossen, the founder and president of Fossen Networking & Security and Hal Pomeranz, founder and CEO of Deer Run Associates will provide highlights from their courses that will help you eliminate the SANS/FBI Top 20 vulnerabilities.

The Top 10 Windows Vulnerabilities – February 5, 1pm EST (1800 UTC)
Infected by the Code Red Worm? Has your SQL Server been acting strangelately? Overwhelmed by the flood of Microsoft security bulletins and you don’t know where to begin? The Top 10 Windows Vulnerabilities presented by one of SANS’ highest rated instructors, Jason Fossen, will discuss the current ten worst Microsoft Windows security vulnerabilities from the SANS Top 20 list. These are the most important things to check before you do anything else. In the presentation, Jason Fossen will also talk about tools you can use to detect and fix the problems.
Go to http://www.sans.org/webcasts/020503.php to register.

Top 10 Unix Vulnerabilities – February 12, 1pm EST (1800 UTC)
Worried about the state of Unix security at your site but unsure where to begin? The top 10 Unix vulnerabilities from the SANS Top 20 list make an excellent starting point. Listen as Hal Pomeranz, the author of SANS’ Unix Security Track, explains the vulnerabilities and provides valuable pointers on how to correct or mitigate these vulnerabilities on your systems.
Go to http://www.sans.org/webcasts/021203.php to register.

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