Endeavors Technology Releases Advanced Instant Conferencing Tools for Business Critical Decision Teams Using WebEx Meetings

Endeavors Technology Extends the Power of the Desktop Before, During and After a WebEx Meeting

Irvine (CA) and Cambridge (UK), February 11, 2003 – Endeavors Technology, Inc. today strengthened its growing portfolio of secure Magi solutions for the enterprise with the release of its first product that integrates WebEx meeting capabilities. Its latest Magi offering provides a secure collaboration environment allowing project managers, corporate financial analysts, design teams and all others involved in the business-critical decision chain to increase the efficiency of their meetings before, during and after each session.

Pre-meeting features include allowing a host to immediately see who is online and available for conferencing, as indicated on a presence status display in Magi. Next, initialization of the meeting through Magi is only a two-click operation that smartly and quickly handles, behind the scenes, the standard WebEx meeting startup process normally accomplished by going to a company’s WebEx Web page.

During the meeting, participants benefit from real-time viewing, discussing and editing of any document, presentation or other media with other team members or groups who are available and online. Magi Enterprise, with integrated access to the WebEx MediaTone Network, empowers team members to chat, instant message and search for information, as well as share presentations, documents, applications, voice, and video, including whiteboarding, application sharing, and annotation features. With Magi, all relevant documentation can be shared and searched for at will, including documents stored in document management systems or portals.

Also during a meeting, a unique feature available is access to up-to-date cache files of an offline participant. For example, if a person is away from their desk and was expecting to present budget information in a spreadsheet located on his or her laptop, the host can still open the latest information because Magi automatically cached the file with each ‘save’ made by the file’s owner.

In addition, all conferences and transactions between meetings can be centrally recorded for an audit trail or storage within a call center or other application database.

After a meeting, participants have instant access to master files without having to upload the documents to a central server. The decentralized aspect of the Magi community keeps master files with their owner at all times, eliminating the need to replicate, duplicate or post in a secondary location. This greatly reduces the duration of, and ultimately increases the value of projects and meetings since time is not lost on “after meeting” aggregation of changes.

“By adding presence, messaging, file sharing and search outside meetings, Magi provides a secure business communication and collaboration platform before, during and after conferences,” says Nick Goddard, director of alliances at WebEx Communications.

“The combined Magi-WebEx solution extends the value of Web conferencing as a real world enterprise business tool,” adds Bernard Hulme, CEO of Endeavors Technology. “As a complete instant business solution, enterprises can shorten project cycles, improve business processes, and exercise better control over executive time and costs.”

About Endeavors Technology, Inc.
Endeavors Technology develops cross-enterprise infrastructure software called Magi. which securely networks existing applications and files to or from the desktop. Magi-enabled enterprises can harness and manage their available computing assets in a web services environment without extensive re-engineering or expensive management. Endeavors Technology, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tadpole Technology plc (LSE-TAD, www.tadpole.com), which has offices in Irvine (California), and Cambridge, Edinburgh, and Bristol (UK). For further information on Endeavors’ Web software, call 949-833-2800, email to info@endeavors.com, or visit the company’s website www.endeavors.com.

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