KaVaDo Releases New Version of ScanDo Web Application Scanner

KaVaDo, a provider of next-generation Web Application Protection solutions announced the release of ScanDo version 2.0. ScanDo is a Web application scanner that assesses the entire Web application to identify security loopholes through comprehensive exploration and penetration of the Web application and its operating environments.

“We designed ScanDo 2.0 to meet the requirements of companies that utilize Web applications of any size. ScanDo uses actual Web hacking techniques to provide the most thorough security assessment available of Web applications. Additionally, it offers details on each vulnerability and access to technical resources to help users fix any potential problems,” explained Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CTO and co-founder of KaVaDo.

ScanDo 2.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Data storing and sharing — multi-user and database support to share Explore and Assess stage data
  • Enhanced performance — new algorithms and multi-thread assessment to run scans in unison, with crawl speeds increased by 300%
  • Assessment profiling — allows the creation of predefined profiles for running the Assess stage
  • Increased technology support — offers support for WebServices/SOAP formats
  • Scheduling — includes a Scheduler for running scans at any time and at regular intervals
  • AutoPolicy — ScanDo generates optimized, positive security policies for InterDo by KaVaDo
  • Reference information — includes an Integrated CVE & ICAT vulnerabilities database
  • Redesigned wizards — adapted to the improved functionality of the profiles and assessment modules
  • Reporting — offers in-depth information and analysis for both executive and technical personnel
  • Regular Expressions support — offers support for RegEx to control exploration of content

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