New OpenSSL Security and Bugfix Releases

The OpenSSL announced the release of version 0.9.7a of their open source toolkit for SSL/TLS. This new OpenSSL version is a security and bugfix release and incorporates at least 11 changes and bugfixes to the toolkit. Also, version 0.9.6i was released and contains the same security bugfix as 0.9.7a and few more small bugfixes compared to 0.9.6h. Updates to OpenSSL 0.9.7a are strongly recommended by the developers.

The most significant changes are:

  • Security: Important security related bugfixes. [0.9.7a and 0.9.6i]
  • Enhanced compatibility with MIT Kerberos. [0.9.7a]
  • Can be built without the ENGINE framework. [0.9.7a]
  • IA32 assembler enhancements. [0.9.7a]
  • Support for new platforms: FreeBSD/IA64 and FreeBSD/Sparc64. [0.9.7a]
  • Configuration: the no-err option now works properly. [0.9.7a]
  • SSL/TLS: now handles manual certificate chain building. [0.9.7a]
  • SSL/TLS: certain session ID malfunctions corrected. [0.9.7a]
OpenSSL can be downloaded via web ( ftp ( ).

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