Tripwire Security Seminars in March 2003

During March, Tripwire is holding several product and security related web seminars. You can register for them through Tripwire Events page at . These are some of the most interesting seminars:

Tripwire for Network Devices: Cisco Edition
Change-whether accidental or intentional-can result in security vulnerabilities, network downtime and IT staff inefficiencies. Tripwire for Network Devices assures the integrity and security of Cisco Routers, Switches and Firewalls by immediately detecting and reporting changes to the configuration files. Tripwire for Network Devices also maintains a record of all changes made, enabling administrators to quickly restore to the desired state and provides a detailed audit log to assure compliance with change control policies or industry regulations. Ultimately, Tripwire software increases security

The Art of Defense
Security is a process, not a goal. Tying the many layers of security together is not only a skill, but an art. Carefully balancing the defense of your digital assets from attack while allowing authorized usage takes a delicate touch. At the same time many skilled security artisans seem to be leaving out a critical color from their security tool palette: data integrity. In this seminar Tripwire Systems Engineer, Chris Orr, talks about the layered security approach and its complexities. Learn how adding data integrity to the mix will give you a more complete set of tools to practice your art.

The Art of Hacking
Ever wonder what exactly hackers do to compromise the security and integrity of your data? Well, now you can find out. Tripwire Systems Engineer, Sol Cates, demonstrates common hacking techniques and shows you how Tripwire can help defend against threats such as Code Red and Nimda. You won’t want to miss this seminar.

Your System is Down: What Changed?
We’ve all experienced it. One minute, your systems are humming along just fine. The next minute, they’re not. What changed? Join us for an online seminar that will demonstrate ways to quickly pinpoint what happened and effectively manage undesired change across all your servers and network devices.

The Best Defense: A Layered Security Strategy
You know how to defend yourself against external malicious attacks. But are you prepared for damage originating within your perimeter? You can protect your digital assets from the inside out. Providing a layered security strategy is the essential foundation for data security. Learn how to deploy a strategy that will help you manage both malicious and unintentional change to assure the integrity of your data.

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