Powerful Protection for Email Attachments from Pointsec Mobile Technologies

User-friendly security solution which stays with the file even when stored on a server or removable media

Many companies feel reasonably sure that their sensitive information is safe as long as it remains within the walls of the company. On the other hand, there is considerable uncertainty when a document has to be sent to somebody outside of the business. Pointsec Mobile Technologies has the solution to the problem.

The data security company Protect Data’s subsidiary, Pointsec Mobile Technologies, a global leader in the area of security solutions for laptop computers and PDAs (personal digital assistants), is now launching yet another powerful and user-friendly solution: Pointsec File Encryption.

A simple command enables the user to encrypt a document and pass on sensitive information securely, for example via e-mail. The recipient does not need to have the software installed; the file decrypts itself once the correct password has been entered.

The password can be agreed in advance, for example by telephone. A hint may be attached to the dialog box where the password is to be entered; this helps the recipient to remember which password has been used.

The file remains encrypted even if the recipient saves it on his/her hard disk, a server or some other external media, thereby always protecting the information, for instance in the case of a breach of computer or network security.

“Many of our customers have been looking for exactly this solution for a long time. We are happy that, with Pointsec File Encryption, we are now able to respond to this need,” says Peter Larsson, President of Pointsec Mobile Technologies AB.

Recently, and for the second year in a row, Pointsec Mobile Technologies was designated as a world-leading company in an important industry study carried out by the Gartner Inc research and analysis company.

Pointsec is an encryption-based security system designed to protect all data and software on laptop and desktop computers and PDAs. Only authorised users who can identify themselves correctly and enter the correct password can access the information on the computer or PDA. Pointsec has been developed for major organisations and companies, and has been adapted for simple and cost-effective central installation and administration via a network. Pointsec(r) for PC offers Virtual Physical Security (VPS), which allows information to be protected at all times despite the lack of external physical protective devices (locks, doors, etc.) Pointsec(r) for Pocket PC is a powerful security solution that offers mandatory access control, full encryption and central remote help. Encryption is implemented using the highly efficient, tried and tested AES algorithm. Pointsec(r) for Pocket PC can also encrypt all removable media such as Microdrives, Multimedia Cards (MMC), Secure Digital (SD) Cards and Compact Flash (CF) Cards. In addition, also available are the exclusive patent-pending PicturePIN(tm) and QuickPIN(tm) authentications, which replace traditional alphanumeric passwords with easily remembered image-based passwords.

Among the areas where Pointsec Mobile Technologies enjoys great success are the consultancy business (WM-data, Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, and many others), public administration (the US Justice Department, the US Department of Defense, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, etc.) and the IT and telecommunications industry (Cisco, Ericsson, Telia, etc.).

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