Cobion to Unveil Anti-Spam Product for Businesses and Home Web Filtering Product for ISPs

World’s largest filter database now protects corporate inboxes and Internet access by children

Kassel, Germany; March 12, 2003 — Cobion Corp. (, a leading provider of content security software, will unveil OrangeBox Mail 2.0 and OrangeBox Web Home, two new anti-spam and Web filtering products for businesses and ISPs.

In contrast to other e-mail filters, OrangeBox Mail 2.0 combines multiple techniques to block spam and junk mail. This ten-level checking procedure prevents false positives, or the inadvertent over-blocking of legitimate e-mails.

At the core of OrangeBox Mail’s anti-spam abilities is Cobion’s exclusive technology that utilizes mathematical algorithms to combine text, image, symbol, form, and face recognition to create a semantic whole. The result is a content filter that recognizes and evaluates entire texts and images, as opposed to conventional keyword-only matching. All content of incoming mail, including attachments, is examined in real time and passed or blocked according to rules set by users.

“Spam and content filtering are different sides of the same coin – inappropriate content,” said Eric Hemmendinger, research director for security and privacy at Aberdeen Group. “With its OrangeBox offerings, Cobion is leveraging its content filtering capabilities to bolster its anti-spam offerings and provide a more effective solution for businesses and ISP customers.”

Cobion maintains a global spam database that is updated by its 1000-server data center in Kassel, Germany. Spam is collected, identified, marked with a digital signature, and stored in this reference database for comparison with incoming e-mail content. In addition, OrangeBox Mail employs continuously updated “blacklists”, a means of filtration based on sender addresses recognized as notorious sources of spam.

Cobion’s anti-spam effectiveness is further enhanced by means of detecting the URL links contained in e-mails, which are recognized and evaluated against Cobion’s OrangeFilter, the world’s largest URL filtering database. OrangeFilter contains over 15 million entries in 58 categories and 11 languages, based on the analyzed content of more than 2.1 billion web pages. Cobion’s data center analyzes 120 million new websites every month and publishes 100,000 updates daily to meet the challenge of content filtering in the ever-expanding Internet.

OrangeBox Mail 2.0 is a complete e-mail monitoring solution that can be integrated into all leading e-mail servers such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. Plug-in facilities to leading anti-virus products are also provided.

Introducing OrangeBox Web Home

Cobion’s OrangeBox Web Home allows ISP’s to offer the family-safe Internet that is being demanded by their home and SOHO subscribers. Cobion’s pioneering solution makes it simple for ISPs to offer a new, revenue-generating service by enabling blocking of undesirable or illegal Internet content. OrangeBox Web Home supports all popular browsers and is also based on Cobion’s powerful OrangeFilter database. Users choose their own filtering criteria, with individual settings for each family member, giving parents full control of what children can see and when they may access the Web. A special feature of the home-use product – a joint development with technology partner Datapol GmbH ( – is that the filter settings defined by the administrator are tamper proof. What’s more, Datapol’s patented process also ensures that the security software package cannot be deleted by children or unauthorized users.

Pricing and Availability
OrangeBox Mail 2.0 begins shipping in May 2003. OrangeBox Mail’s pricing begins at $48 per user for one year at quantity 25, and ranges below $3 per user for multi-year subscriptions for large numbers of users. OrangeBox Web Home is available to ISP’s now, and is licensed on a royalty basis.

About Cobion
Founded in 1997, Cobion’s mission is to protect organizations from unwanted or non-business related Internet or intranet content, including e-mails, embedded e-mails and all file attachments. This facilitates a more productive Internet workplace by reducing liability exposure, minimizing security risks and preventing confidential data from leaving the organization. Customers include Adidas, Bayer, Daimler-Chrysler, Dow Chemical, IBM, VeriSign and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Cobion Corp. is based in Burlington, Mass and is a subsidiary of Cobion AG headquartered in Kassel, Germany.

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