Snapgear Announces Revolutionary Enterprise Security Technology For Defense-In-Depth – PCI630 Stateful Firewall NIC

SnapGear sets a new standard for embedded server security devices.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – March 18th, 2003 – SnapGear Inc., a leading supplier of Internet security products and OEMable solutions, has unveiled the first fully isolated stateful firewall PCI device. The device offers full on-board multi-VPN capabilities for secure access and communication.

In a world first, SnapGear announced that they have transformed their popular SME security technology into a NIC PCI footprint, allowing enterprise to secure servers and even desktops with advanced security that operates independently of the host operating system.

The SnapGear PCI630 is a VPN Firewall PCI card that offloads all firewall and VPN processing from the host computer to the card yielding greater performance, higher security, remote management, and simplified installation. Unlike “co-processing” products on the market, the PCI630 is an advanced self-contained VPN and stateful firewall multi-tasking network computer. A key advantage of the device is that it is independently manageable which gives network administorators the ability to mitigate intrusion by isolating affected systems.

Rick Stevenson, CEO of SnapGear, said “As security threats continue to increase in frequency and sophistication security regimes must evolve rapidly just to stay in the race. The PCI630 is the first in a range of new products from SnapGear that will provide the ability to incorporate security at previously unprotected interfaces inside enterprise and SME networks, enhancing the ability to construct multilayered security architectures. The use of an autonomous security processor based on a hardened embedded Linux operating system and non-x86 CPU is particularly beneficial for protecting Wintel servers.”

In addition, DMZ-based servers with two PCI630 cards will allow remote access to network services while being effectively sandwiched between two integral VPN Firewall appliances. By taking advantage of the inherent VPN remote-remote access capabilities of the card, server administrators are able to allow remote users secure access to DMZ-based hosts and application gateways with greater security and risk management.

Pricing and Availability
The SnapGear PCI630 has a recommended retail price of US$299 and is available world-wide from early April 2003. The product datasheet is available at

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