Symantec Launches Technology Partner Program

Symantec Corporation, one of the biggest security corporations around, today launched the Symantec Technology Partner Program. The program simplifies Symantec’s engagement process with technology partners and facilitates the delivery of comprehensive integration tools, development support, joint sales and marketing resources and product certification.

Some of the companies that are working together with Symantec through this program include Blue Coat Systems, Clearswift, Entercept Security Technologies, Network Appliance, Top Layer Networks and VIGILANTe. First product integration based on Symantec’s Technology Partner Program include Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine combos with Clearswift MIMEsweeper, Network Appliance Storage Systems and Blue Coat Systems’ Security Gateways.

John Schwarz, president and chief operating officer, Symantec Corp. said: “Organizations operate disparate software and hardware that often require enormous amounts of time to integrate and manage. Symantec recognizes our customers’ need to gain greater control over their network environments. By integrating third-party products with our key security solutions and our standards-based architecture, Symantec and its selected partners can work together to improve security, simplify network complexity and increase ROI on security investments for our mutual customers.”

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