Verio Announces Customer Virtual Private Network Service

Verio, a leader in global IP solutions and the world’s largest Web hosting provider, today introduced a completely managed customer premise equipment based Virtual Private Network service. NTT/VERIO SafeGuard VPN.CPE service proactively handles all management functions remotely, making it easier for businesses with multiple locations requiring VPN services. This new service continues Verio’s commitments into providing secure environments for its clients.

Susan May, director of security products for Verio’s Broadband Services unit said: “There are no single device silver bullets for protecting networks today – a variety of security layers are needed. Verio now offers a wide variety of security services, including managed VPN services, so companies can easily choose which solution works best with their corporate security policies and for their specific needs.”

SafeGuard VPN.CPE, utilizing a fully managed Cisco IP VPN security device that acts as an IP router, VPN gateway, and Content-Based Access Control (CBAC) firewall, supporting dedicated access speeds from T1 to OC3.

Some of the noted SafeGuard VPN.CPE benefits include:

  • Best-of-breed platform – SafeGuard VPN.CPE uses a single Cisco device to provide routing functionality for Internet access and VPN functionality for secure communications, reducing the costs and complexity associated with multi-box solutions.
  • Reduced total cost of ownership – Business can rely on a complete end-to-end solution with all equipment managed and maintained by Verio. Managed services include CPE hardware acquisition, 24×7 CPE management and CPE field replacement. VPN devices are owned and managed by Verio in the SafeGuard VPN.CPE solution, thereby removing the need for the enterprise to acquire capital equipment upfront.
  • VPN-specific Service Level Agreements – Proactive VPN CPE outage notification, VPN hardware replacement and VPN time to repair guarantees are offered as a standard part of the SafeGuard VPN.CPE service, in addition to standard network guarantees. Premier 24×7 customer support is also provided via Verio’s award-winning customer support center.
  • Remote communications – SafeGuard VPN.CPE enables business to communicate with employees and partners, customers and suppliers within a secure, flexible environment.

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