Vexira Antivirus For Linux Defends Largest Dutch Web-hosting Company From Viruses

Sitebytes Internet BV finds Vexira Antivirus effective for email virus protection

MEDINA, March 25, 2003 – Central Command, a leading provider of antivirus solutions and computer security services announced today that Sitebytes Internet BV the largest web-hosting company in the Netherlands has selected Vexira Antivirus to protect over 15,000 domains and tens of thousands of email users from virus attacks.

Vexira Antivirus for Mail Servers (Vexira) is a high-speed e-mail virus protection application that actively defends e-mail users from receiving and sending virus infected files to the Internet. Vexira virus scans on the e-mail gateway at the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) level or can integrate within popular mail server virus scanning interfaces.

Vexira is an industry leading Linux antivirus solution that is developed to withstand the rigors of diverse enterprise-class networks and hostile computing environments. Vexira supports a wide range of mail servers and operating systems including: Sendmail, Sendmail + Milter, Qmail, Postfix, and Exim mail servers and Linux, FreeBSD or OpenBSD operating systems.

“After extensive testing and evaluation we have standardized on Vexira Antivirus to protect our network from e-mail-based viruses. In our tests we found that Vexira Antivirus was efficient and effective at stopping viruses and Central Command’s technical support was excellent. Sitebytes Internet is the largest web hosting company in the Netherlands. Our customers expect Sitebytes to have the best possible services and that is why we chose Vexira Antivirus by Central Command. Vexira Antivirus is aggressively protecting over 15,000 of our customers domains and ten’s of thousands of individual e-mail boxes,” said Gijsbert Rochat, CEO, Sitebytes Internet BV (

Key features of Vexira include:

* Virus scans all in-bound and out-bound email
* Real-Time virus interception
* Can process high volumes of email
* Configurable warning notifications
* Heuristic virus detection
* Full automatic update of scan engine and virus definition file
* Virus scanning within archives (ZIP, RAR, LHA, ARJ etc…)
* Detection of malformed messages
* Free support, updates and upgrades during license term

“Vexira is recognized as the best-of-breed Linux antivirus protection solution for Web-hosting and Internet Service Providers worldwide. It provides maximum virus protection with minimal maintenance,” said Keith Peer, President and CEO of Central Command, Inc. “Vexira is known for reliable and fast updates against the latest Internet worms, viruses and other malicious threats.”

Vexira starts at $199.95, and is licensed on a per domain level with up to 6000 mailboxes included in the standard price and an unlimited license is available. A free 30-day trial version may be downloaded from ( or obtained by contacting Central Command at +1-330 723-2062.

About Central Command: A leader in the anti-virus industry, Central Command, Inc., a privately held company, serves home PC users and industrial, financial, government, healthcare, education and service firms with virus protection software, services, and information. The company services customers in over 93 countries and is headquartered in Medina, Ohio. Visit Central Command online at ( or call 1-330-723-2062 for more information.

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