E92Plus and Cobion Team to Offer Anti-Spam and Content Filtering Solutions

– Web and e-mail filtering “next big thing” for resellers
– Orangebox product goes beyond simple keyword matching

London, UK / Kassel, Germany – 4. april 2003 – Specialist IT security distributor, e92plus Limited, has signed an agreement with Cobion (UK) Ltd. to offer the company’s innovative web and e-mail content filtering products to resellers in the UK, Ireland and The Netherlands.

This agreement comes as businesses are struggling under the crush of spam. According to Ferris Research, spam cost European businesses $2.5 billion in 2002 and things are going to get worse. A Harris Interactive poll, taken at the end of 2002, found almost all users (80%) saying they find spam very annoying.

“We hardly need tell UK resellers of the spam problem – the majority will be suffering already, and they can empathise with their customers,” said Mukesh Gupta, Managing Director of e92plus Limited. “In our experience the situation has worsened by an order of magnitude in the last quarter, and it’s going to get worse. Corporates are looking for sound anti-spam and web filtering products right now and resellers have a good opportunity to fulfil this with Orangebox.”

Cobion (UK) Ltd. has established an office in London on 1st of march 2003 and appointed Tony Ascombe as the Managing Director of Cobion (UK) Ltd. “The agreement with e92plus reflects our commitment to our growing customer base in the UK and Netherlands Region. Cobion is delighted to announce the new strategic partnership with e92plus, a specialist in network and internet security. The relationship brings together two market leaders and underlines our commitment to the marketplace. We look forward to working closely with e92plus on a range of customer focused business.” said Anscombe.

The agreement involves the distribution of Cobion’s OrangeBox product line:

· OrangeBox Web 2.0. Enforces Internet use policy by filtering inappropriate content. Organisations define what should be accessible, at what times, by individual, group, or IP address. Requests are either passed or blocked according to a database containing over 15 million pre-categorised URLs.

· OrangeBox Mail 2.0: Prevents intellectual property, confidential documents, or offensive language from leaving the corporate domain via outgoing e-mail, while keeping spam or inappropriate content from coming in. Text of the message and all its attachments, regardless of format or compression, are analysed and passed or blocked according to user-defined policy.

· OrangeBox LAN: Protects intranets from the spread of inappropriate content by monitoring directories and public areas. All data is analysed to detect, quarantine, and report on unwanted, offensive, or illegal content. Important documents, such as contracts or personnel records, are able to be accessed or copied only by authorised individuals.

Orangebox Technology
Cobion maintains a global spam database that is updated by its 1000-server data centre in Kassel, Germany. Spam is collected, identified, marked with a digital signature, and stored in this reference database for comparison with incoming e-mail content. In addition, OrangeBox Mail employs continuously updated “blacklists”, a means of filtration based on sender addresses recognised as notorious sources of spam.

Cobion’s anti-spam effectiveness is further enhanced by means of detecting the URL links contained in e-mails, which are recognised and evaluated against Cobion’s OrangeFilter, the world’s largest URL filtering database. OrangeFilter contains over 15 million entries in 58 categories, based on the analysed content of more than 2.1 billion web pages. Cobion’s data centre analyses 120 million new websites every month and publishes 100,000 updates daily to meet the challenge of content filtering in the ever-expanding Internet.

OrangeBox Mail 2.0 begins shipping in May 2003. OrangeBox Mail’s pricing begins at $48 per user for one year at quantity 25, and ranges below $3 per user for multi-year subscriptions for large numbers of users. OrangeBox Web Home is available to ISP’s now, and is licensed on a royalty basis.

About Cobion AG
Founded in 1997, is committed to protect companies, organisations and private user from unwanted or non-business related Internet or intranet content, including e-mails, embedded e-mails and all file attachments. This facilitates a more productive Internet workplace by reducing liability exposure, minimising security risks and preventing confidential data from leaving the organisation. Customers include adidas, Bayer, Daimler-Chrysler, Dow Chemical, IBM, VeriSign and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Cobion (UK) Ltd. is based in London, and is a subsidiary of Cobion AG headquartered in Kassel, Germany. .

About e93plus
e92plus is a specialist distributor in all aspects of enterprise IT security, including; Firewalls, Antivirus, Encryption, Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management, VPNs, Fully Managed Security Solutions and Accredited Training. The company has distribution agreements with Trend Micro, NetScreen Technologies, iCognito, Ositis, Stonesoft, ReefEdge, Enterasys, Ingrian, eIQ Networks, Vasco, Cobion and Websense.

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